Eddy’s Halloween Party – Claim Your Daily Haunted Bonus

What is this campaign?

Players will be able to claim a new bonus every day of the entire promotion period. These bonuses include match deposit bonuses, free spins, bonus cash, no deposit free spins and EmuPoints.

Additionally, players who claim all seven bonuses will receive a surprise eighth bonus.

Campaign Period: 26 October 2022 UTC 00:00:00 to 1 November 2022 UTC 23:59:59

*Only players who receive an invitation are eligible for this campaign.

How do I get these bonuses?

  • Log in and visit this page
  • Click the image of the ‘Eddy’s HouseHaunting Party’ bonus for the day
  • If it’s a deposit bonus, choose your deposit amount and payment method; your bonus will be added once your deposit goes through
  • Alternatively, you can go to your bonuses, select the ‘Eddy’s HouseHaunting Party’ bonus of the day and proceed with your deposit
  • If it’s a no deposit bonus, enter the voucher code shown in the image in the Bonus Code section
  • This can be done once every day throughout the entire promotion period
Terms & Conditions

Eddy’s HouseHaunting Party T&Cs

  • Bonuses are claimable between 26 October 2022 UTC 00:00:00 and 1 November 2022 UTC 23:59:59
  • Each daily bonus is valid from UTC 00:00:00 until UTC 23:59:59; it might take approximately 3 hours for the next set of bonuses to be updated on the landing page (by UTC 03:00:00)

Match Deposit Bonuses

  • Maximum bet size: $3
  • Wagering requirement: 45x
  • Maximum cash out/winnings: 35x bonus awarded amount

Free Spins

No Deposit Free Spins

Bonus Cash

  • Maximum bet size: $3
  • Wagering requirement: 45x
  • Maximum cash out/winnings: 35x bonus awarded amount

General Promotion T&Cs

  • Deposit amount is counted per single deposit
  • EmuCasino reserves the right to amend, suspend or cancel this promotion at any time
  • The maximum bet amount stated applies to both real cash and bonus cash bets
  • Wagering requirements apply to both deposited amounts and bonus amounts
  • Upon completing the wagering requirements, only the maximum cash out/winnings amount will be transferred to your withdrawable balance; any balance exceeding this amount will be automatically deducted by the system
  • Bonus will expire 3 days after being awarded
  • Only valid for players who have made at least one deposit

Standard Bonus T&Cs

The General Terms and Conditions apply to and are binding upon You if You participate at EmuCasino. Please read our General Terms and Conditions here.


There’s no Halloween party like a househaunting party so come help me greet all our spooky guests for bonuses that will go bump in the night!

Welcome, welcome! I hope you’ve put on your spookiest costume and prepared yourself for seven nights of frights because that’s exactly what you’re getting. After all, did you expect or even want anything less when you decided to attend my very special Halloween househaunting party?

Now, I imagine you might have noticed there are quite a few doors that are as scary-looking as they are strangely closed. Why would there be locked doors when the whole idea is for you to be able to go where you please and haunt every corner, you might ask? Well, you didn’t think you’d be the only guest here, did you?

Of course, your fellow guests wouldn’t be their spooky selves if they didn’t try to spring some spine-tingling surprises on you so are you brave enough to seek them out? I hear they’ve decided to at least be merciful enough to take turns trying to frighten the life out of you so try to survive the encounter or it’ll haunt you forever. (I do mean that literally.) Better yet, give them a fitting ghostly greeting and they’ll give you a blood-curdling boo-nus you’re sure to like in return.

If you manage to greet every one of my ghostly guests, you’ll be in for an even bigger terrifying treat: My royal ghost of honour will deem you worthy of receiving his special skeleton key which unlocks the treasure chest he spirited here as a gift for this very occasion!