Dayna-mite Harvests Over $60,000 in Juicy One-Day Big Win Streak

This lucky Kiwi dug up over $60,000 in big wins while on a one-day slot adventure in February!

51-year-old Dayna from New Zealand is quite the established name around these parts with a plethora of big win streaks under his belt. His most recent success story was his big win streak of over $80,000 in September 2023 while his past triumphs include a one-day big win streak in April 2023, an over $100,000 big win streak in March 2023, a four-day big win streak at the end of 2022 and six-figure big win streak in 2021. With a set of credentials like that, Dayna could be one of our most decorated big winners yet and now he’s back in 2024 to reclaim his throne!

prplay-octobeer-fortunes-thumbnailHe started his adventure with a trip to the Octobeer Fortunes slot game. There, he bought a $10 bet lucky drink and was pleasantly surprised when a $1,305 big win keg was rolled out for him to enjoy!

netent-busters-bones-thumbnailOnce he had had his fill of ale, Dayna travelled to his favourite spot in the Wild West: the Buster’s Bones slot game. He reunited with his favourite bounty-hunting canines who invited him on a scouting mission across the desert. Although he did not have the skilled paws of his companions, he was armed with a $10 bet shovel which he used to dig up a massive big win bone worth $1,350! With a $10 bet map that he borrowed from Buster himself, he managed to find another stash of big win bones worth $1,075.

prplay-buffalo-king-megaways-thumbnailKeen to explore more of the North American wilderness, he travelled to the Buffalo King Megaways slot game to see the wildlife there with his own eyes. With his $12.50 bet camera, he managed to snap a stunning big win photograph of a buffalo against the horizon that was worth $4,611!

irondog-feeding-fury-thumbnailAs his next destination was a little more tropical, he packed his Hawaiian shirts, fishing equipment and everything else needed for a trip to the Feeding Fury slot game. He was careful to stay away from the feeding zone as he prepped his $10 bet net and, with one well-placed throw, managed to catch the big win shark worth $3,040.

haban-fruity-mayan-thumbnailStill in the mood for more sunshine, Dayna headed over to the Fruity Mayan slot game. He offered the locals a stunning $50 bet cube watermelon and they were so impressed that they put together a bountiful $16,538 big win fruit basket overflowing with juicy fruits and more just for him! Needless to say, his journey to the past was definitely a fruitful endeavour.

playngo-pandastic-adventure-thumbnailWith the Lunar New Year just around the corner, he decided to catch a flight due East to the Pandastic Adventure slot game to get into the seasonal spirit. It was there that he met the famous Panda Warrior who helped him gear up with $40 bet armour and a $40 bet blade. Armed and ready to go, he embarked on a quest across the snowy landscape and managed to find two treasure chests filled with $4,340 and $7,200 in big win gold coins each.

prplay-gates-of-olympus-1000-thumbnailItching for more adventure, he ascended up into the heavens of the Gates of Olympus 1000 slot game in order to challenge Zeus to a duel. With his $20 bet sword, he masterfully defeated the Greek god in combat and was showered in colourful big win gems worth $3,178.40 as a reward.

prplay-floating-dragon-megaways-thumbnailDayna’s next stop was the Floating Dragon Megaways slot game to partake in the ever-popular kite festival. He was buzzing with excitement as he flew his $12 bet kit high up in the sky but watched in dismay as the wind dragged it away above the clouds. Luckily for him, however, a formidable red dragon caught the kite and flew back down to return it along with a $4,860 big win diamond. Turns out the Year of the Dragon would be a prosperous one after all!

prplay-panda-fortune-2-thumbnailHe then travelled to the nearby Panda’s Fortune 2 slot game, where he bought a $50 bet ticket to enter the panda sanctuary. As he enjoyed the scenic view of the pandas in their natural habitat amongst the bamboo, he stumbled upon a big win golden statue worth $9,570!

prplay-starlight-princess-thumbnailAs his incredibly eventful day came to an end, he decided to pay a visit to the Starlight Princess slot game up in the clouds. To thank her for her hospitality, he offered the princess two $12.50 bet gems. Moved by his generosity and not wanting him to go home empty-handed, she gave him two big win magical brooches worth $1,341 and $2,137.50 each.

By the end of his one-day slot marathon, Dayna managed to gather a grand total of $60,545.90 in big wins, making it a truly rewarding day out on the slot town. With his track record, we are sure that he will be experiencing more good luck in the future and hope that other players may receive similar good fortune as well.

/Josh Brown
News editor