It’s been a crazy year full of fun and excitement so let’s say farewell to 2020 by remembering all its best moments with a toast!

Well would you look at that… One blink of the eye and suddenly you’ve gone from celebrating the start of a new year with some champagne to preparing a new bottle of bubbly along with the next year’s calendar. It really is true what they say about time flying when you’re having fun and as an emu who can fly when needed, I think it flew by insanely fast this year. I mean, it says a lot that I actually had to look at my calendar for 2020 to remember what happened.

The moment I did, however, it was pretty clear why everything’s kind of a blur: I’ve pretty much been having fun nonstop from January all the way to the tail end of December! Crazy parties, new games, special celebrations, even an honest to goodness awards night… You name it, we had it! There was so much fun in all shapes and sizes that I think it deserves to be properly remembered before the year is over for good… and what better way to do that than with a toast?

So come on, raise your glass and let’s show our appreciation for the best games, the biggest celebrations and The Slot Show Awards of 2020!

Play the Top 6 Games of 2020

A lot of great games get released every year but 2020 sure made a good run at being one of the best for popular new picks among my friends. Have a look which ones were at the top of the list and see if your favourite made the cut!







Take A Look Back at 2020

Of course, you can’t talk about the year without mentioning all the crazy (and crazily fun) parties I threw whenever I had an excuse to do so. Here’s a look at my calendar just to show how party-packed EmuCasino was in 2020!


While all of them were definitely fun-filled to the brim, I have to say a few events in particular stick out to me (and you too, probably). There’s the launch of EmuCasino’s first ever exclusive slot game Eddy Dundee starring none other than little old me, of course, and my Top 5 video series. My games library grew with the addition of terrific titles from my new provider friends Slotvision and Nolimit City too and I also made it possible for my Canadian friends to make transfers using Interac. However, I have to say the spotlight-stealer at the tail end of this year was the debut of The Slot Show which I sponsored. They even helped end the year with a real bang through their inaugural awards show! Speaking of which…

Presenting The Slot Show Awards 2020

One of the craziest (in a crazy awesome way, that is) things that happened this year has to be the first ever The Slot Show Awards which was hosted by my good friends over at The Slot Show. These awards recognised the best slot games in five categories so have a look which titles won and give them a spin!

Best Slot Game Payout


Payout of 136.5%

Non-Jackpot Big Win


Win Amount of $60,100

Big Win on Small Bets


Won $23,000 on a $5 Bet

Best Performing New Game


Most Played Slot Game