EmuCasino is proud to introduce a truly unique and exciting online lottery game to its lotto game library.

Lotto Hero draws its uniqueness from the fact that it crowns a winner each and every hour, 365 days out of the year.

The winner is awarded an awe-inspiring accumulative jackpot ranging from a minimum of 1,000,000 Euros to a maximum of 10,000,000 Euros.

Lotto Hero is ready to be enjoyed conveniently from your desktop browser in no download, instant play format and includes a variety of gameplay features that facilitate a top-notch online lottery experience.

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How to Play

  • To begin playing Lotto Hero, choose 7 numbers out of a possible 35.
  • Once you have selected your desired numbers, you can proceed with buying your tickets, the value of which is displayed on the ‘buy’ button.
  • Next, tune in before the draw takes place and await the announcement of the winner.
  • The quick bets feature in Lotto Hero lets you place your bets in the speediest manner as possible, simply by clicking any of the buttons displayed at the bottom, each of which denotes a particular denomination. This will automatically place the bet displayed on the button.

Standard Bet Selection


Combo Bet Selection


What Happens in the Draw?

Once the draw begins, numbers will be picked from a pile of virtual balls. If the numbers that were picked in the draw match up with the numbers that show on your card (the ones you have selected), then these will be highlighted, indicating a win.

Free Bets are occasionally awarded to players, which are essentially free draws. These can be viewed within the ‘treasure chest’.


How to Redeem Free Vouchers

Lotto Hero accepts any free vouchers that you may have. These can be exchanged for free draws. Simply make sure that the voucher code that you have is valid (has not yet expired, etc.) and follow the steps outlined below.

If players have a valid voucher code with them, they can claim them with a few simple steps:

  • Log into EmuCasino.
  • Open Lotto Hero.
  • Click on the Treasure Chest.
  • Click the “Redeem Voucher” option.
  • Enter your voucher code and hit the green tick mark.
  • Your valid voucher number will now show up for you to select.


What Could You Win?

As with the majority of lottery games, the main goal in Lotto Hero is to match as many chosen numbers with as many drawn numbers as you can. The more numbers that match will translate into more attractive payouts. The following are the various win categories that you could win in:


Please note that the jackpot amount will be shared by all players who win it from the same draw.