Based on the popular US lottery “Mega Millions”, Mega Millions is an exciting new online lottery game on EmuCasino that offers you an opportunity to win big twice a week!

Mega Millions is available to be played in no download format and involves choosing and matching winning numbers, a bonus ball, or a combination of both.

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How to Play

Note that the main objective in Mega Millions is to select and match as many numbers as possible (from 1 to 70 as well as a bonus number from 1-25. Below we present a detailed, step by step guide on how to play Mega Millions:

  • First, you must choose a minimum of 5 numbers that range from 1-70, along with 1 out of 1-25.
  • The goal then, is to match 1-5 winning number and bonus ball symbols. You can match winning numbers, bonus ball symbols, or a combination of the two.
  • You may choose to hastily make your bet by using the quick bets feature. This feature consists of buttons displayed below the betting balls and which show different denominations. Simply click on the button with the denomination that appeals to you to make your bet. How convenient!
  • You will then be required to buy the card, which has a minimum amount
  • You can make as many selections or combination of selections as you wish.
  • Next, tune in on the draw time (4am UTC every Tues and Fri) to find out who will get their hands on these mega millions!
  • Free Bets may be occasionally distributed to players, which will apply automatically to your next purchase and shown as “discount”.
  • Note that Mega Millions also features combo bets, which allow you to increase your chances of winning big by crafting as many combinations as possible using the group of numbers that you have chosen.

How To Play


Bet Selection


What Happens in the Draw?

Balls will be randomly be selected from the pile of balls. You will win one of the 5 prize categories if the numbers that you have on your card matches the ones drawn. There is the possibility that you could also win Free Spins; however, this will depend upon the payout that you have won.

Note that the jackpot along with the second prize category will be shared amongst players who strike a win in these categories within the same draw.

How to Redeem Free Vouchers

At Mega Millions, you could also redeem any free vouchers that you may have by checking within the Treasure Chest, selecting “Redeem Voucher” and then on the tick mark. Your voucher will then be shown, available for you to claim with a click of your mouse.


What Could You Win?

Your win amount in Mega Millions is directly proportional with the amount of numbers that you happen to match. The 5 win categories are detailed below:


Note that the Jackpot denotes the highest prize category and is won by matching five Winning Numbers along with a Bonus number. The jackpot is split by all players who win from the same draw.

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