EmuCasino is proud to introduce an exciting new addition to its collection of online lotto games. Now every Friday at 11:00 UTC, a Big Hero will be crowned and receive a maximum guaranteed jackpot of 25 Million Euro.

You can experience all of the excitement that The Big Hero has to offer, all in no download, instant play format directly from your desktop browser.

The Big Hero was developed by Helio Gaming, who are well-regarded specialists in the domain of online lottery games. Could you be the next Big Hero? Participate in this exhilarating online lottery game and be presented with the answer on the draw date!

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How to Play

  • To begin playing, select at least 5 numbers out of 90.
  • Players may bet at a specified minimum amount.
  • Once players have chosen their numbers, they may go ahead and purchase their tickets, which is displayed on the buy button.
  • Next, tune in every Friday at 11:00 UTC to for the announcement of the winner.
  • Note that the cut-off time (sales closure) is set at 10:30 UTC.
  • The quick bets feature in The Big Hero amplify the convenience and ease that players can enjoy while betting. These are essentially buttons that are displayed at the bottom of the lottery game that depict different denominations to bet with.
  • If a number displayed with a white outline, it means that is remains unselected, if it is displayed with a yellow outline, it means that this number has been manually selected, and if it is highlighted in blue, it means that the number has been randomly selected.

Standard Bet Selection


What Happens in the Draw?

Upon commencement of the draw, numbers will be randomly selected from an assortment of virtual balls. If the numbers that were selected in the draw matches with those that are displayed on your card, then these will be highlighted.

Note that there is a total of 5 prize categories that you can win, with category 1 being the highest paying category (the Jackpot).

A Free Bet may be awarded, which is displayed in the treasure chest. This is essentially a Free Draw that must be used up within a certain specified time frame, before it expires.

How to Redeem Free Vouchers

The Big Hero also lets players redeem free vouchers, which has effect of awarding them with a free draw.

If players happen to have a valid voucher code, they may claim their free draw by following the steps outlined below:

  • Log into your EmuCasino account.
  • Open The Big Hero online lottery game.
  • Select the Treasure Chest option.
  • Select the “Redeem Voucher” option.
  • Next, input your voucher code and then click on the green tick mark.
  • If you have a valid voucher number, that voucher will appear within the Treasure Chest.
  • The vouchers are automatically activated and players need to use the voucher before making any cash bets.

What Could You Win?

Quite simply, the more numbers that you match in The Big Hero will determine the amount that you win in terms of payouts. The 5 different win categories that you could potentially win are depicted on the right:


Note that the jackpot amount in The Daily Hero is shared by all players who win the jackpot on the same draw between category 1 and 2 prizes.

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