Huge Win of Over $100k for a Local Kiwi on Starburst Mobile Slot

Starburst mobile slot brings delight to a local Kiwi, as few massive wins turns a simple deposit to over a $100k win.

The month of May 2016 was a historical one for 29 year old Justine from the Northern Island of New Zealand in a little scenic town on the east coast, as her love for mobile casinos, especially Starburst paid off big time. Justine definitely deserves all her wins as she’s a Care Keeper who looks after disabled children as a career while also being a wife and mother of a 2 year old.

Starburst is an immensely popular 5 reel 10 payline video slot game at EmuCasino available on both desktop and mobile platform. This sharply designed glitter filled slot game turned out to be lucky for the 29 year old, to say the least.

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After winning almost $54,000 and $40,000 on 2 different spins, and wins of $10,000 and over on 10 spins, Justine managed to bag around $164,000 in total. With this sum she plans to put down a house deposit, good on ya Justine!

With thousands of spins played by Justine in total, not only did she manage to bag a big win but also managed to collect hundreds of thousands of EmuPoints. EmuCasino offers a whole range of bonuses, cash and gifts in exchange of the EmuPoints collected and Justine is planning to go on a spree at the EmuShop. She plans to claim: 2 ballooning experience for herself and her husband, taking both of them on a V8 hot lap experience and then enjoying a facial spa day with her friends; You Go Girl!

Well Justine, we hope you enjoy your Spa day, ballooning and V8 experience and the better days to come ahead for you and your loved ones. Congratulations!

/Josh Brown
News editor