EmuCasino Player Strikes It Big on Mobile Slot Games

A single spin can prove to be a most lucrative move, as is the case for a lucky player who won more than $80,000 in a single round of slot at EmuCasino Mobile.

Dale is not one to shy away from big wagers, and his winning streak in 8 Dragons mobile slot game demonstrates that his strategy was indeed a clever one. The 34-year-old punter’s most prominent win transpired on 20 May 2019, when a single bet of $200 in 8 Dragons mobile slot landed him an impressive payout of over $80,000.

His victory and desire to put his luck to the test didn’t stop there, as over the span of two days, he wagered a total of $7,500 in the slot game and secured an overall winning of more than $283,000. Luck stuck on him as he spun away in Sticky Bandits mobile slot, where a cumulative bet of about $2,500 rewarded him with over $33,500.

Dragon Wilds and Sticky Bandits are both 5-reel mobile slots that feature wild symbols and free spins, which promise to heighten players’ casino experience and increase their chances of scoring exciting wins.

Dale can surely attest to the notion that when luck is on your side, nothing can get in your way of striking it big.

/ Josh Brown
News editor