Kiwi Player’s Diversified Gameplay Pays Off Massively

Sometimes, having a diversified playstyle can pay off over sticking to a single slot, as one lucky Kiwi player found out when he had a cumulative win of $323,725 over five days!

A few days ago, a local Kiwi player from Auckland, New Zealand had the tremendous streak of luck following him, as his wagers won him a cumulative win of over $323,725 over five harrowingly lucky days!

Initially, this lucky Kiwi had deposited $1,000 into his account and started off wagering very small amounts on our eponymous slot game Eddy Dundee for a few rounds.

After his first successful wager, his bet amount doubled, no doubt fueled by the confidence the win had given him. His decision to increase his wagering amount paid off, and his wagers consistently returned larger winnings for him, with a few bets giving him a winning return of over $2,300 on a $25 wager!

After a few successful rounds on Eddy Dundee, he moved on, shifting his time between fan favourite Sticky Bandits and Shamans Spirit. As his balance grew over $10,000, so did the amount he bet on increase, with some wagers even coming up to $1,000. At one point, a bet he placed had him winning $5,586.00 on a $90 wager on Sticky Bandits.

After tiring of Sticky Bandits and Shamans Spirit, and with a balance of over $40,000 in his account, he moved on to Burning Desire and Farm Ville 2, putting in larger bets and winning even larger amounts.

Once his balance crossed over $40,000, he made even larger wagers, taking even more risk, certain that his Midas touch would turn any bet, big or small into gold.

At some point, Jerome found particular affinity with Burning Desire, helping him score 4 free spins on the slot game, leading him to win the majority of his money through a fantastic combination of Free Spins and healthy bet amounts!

On his first winning streak bet of $250.00, he won $23,710. His second, and undoubtedly most memorable win, netted him $97,210 through that same combination of luck and Free Spins! His subsequent winning streaks won him 12,330 and 23,470 respectively, making him our Big Winner of the week!

After 5 luck filled days, his final balance topped out at $202,000, with a cumulative win of $323,725! Now that’s the kind of luck anyone could only hope for. Lucky man, Jerome.

Now that he’s gotten his win, what about you? Anyone could be our lucky winner at EmuCasino, and you could too. Come on and give it a try. You never know if luck is on your side.

/Josh Brown
News editor