What Is My In-Account Inbox?


Welcome to your “New” (at the time of writing) in-account inbox, a personal notification system exclusive to your player account!

Now you can get notifications as soon as a promotion is available to you. You will also be able to receive real time news and updates on everything from game and casino info to big winner stories.

Why wait for a traditional email when you have your very own personal Eddy Inbox?

How Do I Use My Personal Inbox?

Get a notification as soon as a new bonus or update is available!

These will appear at the top right hand side of your screen near the Deposit button and show you a snippet of the bonus or update in question.

Simply click on the Inbox icon next to the Withdraw button or the one in your player account’s drop down menu. The number on it indicates the number of unread items in your inbox.

Once you open your inbox, you’ll be able to see all your messages which are listed in chronological order just like your regular email inbox. (Of course, the big difference is that instead of junk and spam, your Eddy Inbox will be filled with promotions and useful information!)


The messages are divided into 2 categories:

Promotions: Information about all the promotions that are available to you

News: General game information, casino information, big winner stories and lots more


Opening the notification will allow you to view its details in full.

Simply open the message, read the email and click on the button to claim your bonus or play the game straight away.