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At EmuCasino, we want you to enjoy our immense collection of casino games and upcoming releases without any disruptions. In order to continuously access your favourite casino games as regular, players may use a VPN to enjoy uninterrupted, unrestricted access for a smoother casino experience.

Apart from bypassing any restricted access of our website from your IP, a VPN acts as a shield to protect your personal data and security. In this day and age, almost two thirds of the netizens use some form of VPN as it protects you from prying eyes and secures your day to day data transmission over the internet. The VPN teems with great perks and what’s more; setting up a VPN is super convenient. Here you’ll find ways to get unrestricted access and ultimately improve your casino experience!

What is VPN?

In simple terms, VPN or Virtual private networking provides privacy online. It allows computers or entire networks to connect to each other over the internet securely. Initially, bigger scale organisations and government bodies have utilised the VPN in order to protect data by using this secure connection essentially to avoid hacking or risk of losing data.

In today’s climate, internet freedom and security is of paramount importance and a VPN gives you the peace of mind by ensuring your location stays private, data is encrypted and anonymity is preserved.

The good news for us is that, VPN is conveniently available these days in applications and also browser extensions to accommodate both desktop and mobile platforms – with free VPNs to download and full-fledged VPN services priced at reasonable rates there is no excuse for us to surf the internet without this secure connection.

How to Bypass Website Blocks – VPN Applications and Opera Browser

*Images shown are for illustration purposes only and we do not endorse any particular VPN software and application.

Downloading and Using VPN Applications



Simply by downloading a reliable VPN, you are few steps away to enjoying unrestricted internet access securely! The VPN setup may slightly differ depending on the platform or device used but here are the general steps:

  • First, choose your preferred VPN (free or paid) and download the VPN software to install.
  • Once installed, run the VPN client (Desktop) or VPN app (mobile) to set up your VPN service and sign into your VPN with your login credentials.
  • Now, connect to a preferred VPN server and select your preferred country (excluding the ones that EmuCasino has listed as restricted territories.
  • Play securely!
Below is an example of a VPN software application with various options.


Best Recommendations for VPN

There is a multitude of options for VPNs but users must exercise reasonable measures before downloading a VPN especially when dealing with free downloads. Most premium providers allow users to use their VPN free under the trial period to check out the features and evaluate accordingly.

Here are some of the reliable VPNs:

  • Pure VPN provides users internet freedom, secure connection with a 24/7 accessible support team.
  • VPN Secure Me supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS with a server access to 48 countries.
  • Express VPN boasts various benefits including advanced encryption with 160 server locations and it does not store connection logs.

VPN User Benefits



To put it succinctly, VPN adds a layer of privacy to your everyday internet usage. Your internet service provider (ISP) has access to your browsing history and internet activity. By using a VPN, you can avoid the risk of a third party looking through your internet activity or misusing your browsing data, as the service providers will only be able to see encrypted data.

Access Restricted Content

Most of the time, you are not able to access sites or denied services which are outside your region merely because of your geolocation and a VPN efficiently resolves these border issues. The same applies to unblocking sites and circumventing local network restriction.

Hidden Location

Actual location is concealed when you are connected to a VPN and users can avoid being tracked. Besides, search engine will not be able to view your search and will not be able to identify you as it will only view your VPN’s address. However, take note that cookies will still be left on your computer and these data can still be collected from here.


It is a little safer when you are using public WiFi in your favourite coffee house or a common place with a VPN. Since you are more vulnerable to outsiders snooping your information using the same hotspot, using a VPN when connecting to these public hotspots reduces these risks and at least your data is encrypted.

VPN for Mobile


Most VPN providers are cross-platform extending their services to both desktop and mobile devices, covering Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. The convenient way to install a mobile VPN is by downloading a trustworthy app with key features to protect privacy and provide secure connections.

Choosing the right VPN mobile, especially third party software is a subjective process and one that requires thorough research. Here are some of the notable mobile VPN providers that is built for both IOS and Android:

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • PureVPN