Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that can be exchanged on the internet. With Bitcoins, monetary transactions are dealt directly from person to person with no banks or clearing houses involved. The digital currency was publicly introduced in early 2009 and numerous countries have accepted this form of payment.

Bitcoins are created from digital mining and each successful mine delivers a set of coins. While mining can be done by anyone, it does involve complex algorithm, therefore various bitcoin wallets exist where you can buy/sell, send/receive bitcoins.

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This page in particular deals with:

How to obtain Bitcoin
  • Bitcoins are created through mining which required a special algorithm from “Miners”. Anyone who is able to solve the algorithm is able to obtain bitcoin, however it is a complex mathematic code and thankfully the world has miners to do this for us.
  • The most common method is using Bitcoin online wallets to exchange then with all major currencies of the world.
  • Bitcoin ATMs are spread across in most nations and you can use these machines to purchase bitcoins. The instructions are straightforward and you will receive a receipt with a code. Scanning or inputting this code in your bitcoin wallet will add the bitcoin to your wallet.
Some of the popular Bitcoin wallets include: To find the nearest Bitcoin ATM, click here.

How to use Bitcoin online wallets and obtain Bitcoin

There are various bitcoin wallets available online and below we have listed some of the most popular and secure online bitcoin wallets. The registration process for each wallet might be slightly different, but there are some common factors during registration with a Bitcoin wallet which we have listed below.

  • Open the bitcoin wallet URL on your web browser
  • Click on Sign up / Register (typically seen on the top right corner)
  • The first step of the process would be to enter your basic details such as your Full name, your email address and a password. Some wallets might as for your address as well.
  • You typically sign into your bitcoin wallet account with the registered email address and password
  • Most wallets will require you to verify your email address. To verify your email address, simply log into your email and click on the verification link sent by the wallet.
  • There may be further requirements of verification of your identity depending on the wallet; this process may include verification through your ID, your address etc, all of which is required to keep your account secure.
  • You are able to buy/sell BTC straight from your account as well as send and request bitcoins to other bitcoin users.

How to fund your EmuCasino account using Bitcoin:

  • Log into your Emu account and select deposit on the top right side of your screen
  • From the list of payment methods, select Bitcoin
  • Then you have the option of selecting a welcome bonus, available on your first 3 deposits
  • Then select your deposit amount, choose one from the list or enter manually
  • Then our Bitcoin payment platform will open where you will enter your encrypted address registered with your Bitcoin wallet
  • Once you click deposit, the Bitcoin platform will process you payment and your funds will be available immediately.