Canada-based INTERAC® is an interbank network that serves as the country’s debit card system. It facilitates the exchange of electronic financial transactions between financial institutions and other types of enterprises.

Launched in 1984, INTERAC® was introduced through the non-profit cooperative venture Interac Association which at the time had five local financial institutions as members. A for-profit counterpart organisation named Acxsys was created by the same group in 1996 and launched complementary services such as e-transfers under the Interac brand. In 2018, the two were merged into one for-profit organisation which bore the name Interac Corporation.

This deposit method is only available to Canadian players.

INTERAC® is a major and trusted payment system in Canada which now allows for money to be sent from a locally owned account to any recipient in the world.

Its two transfer options which are available at EmuCasino are:


Funding your EmuCasino account with INTERAC®
  • Log in to your EmuCasino account and click ‘Deposit’ on the top right of the screen.
  • Select ‘INTERAC®’ from the list of payment methods.
  • You can choose to claim one of the bonuses currently on offer or none at all.
  • Choose a deposit amount from the list of options or enter one manually.
  • Select your preferred bank and choose one of the two transfer options available.

Funding your EmuCasino account with INTERAC® Online
  • Choose ‘INTERAC® Online’ after selecting your preferred bank.
  • Enter your bank username or client card number and online banking password.
  • Select the bank account you wish to draw money from to fund your EmuCasino account and click ‘Continue’.
  • Verify the details of the transaction before clicking ‘Confirm’.
  • Your deposit will be instantly credited to your EmuCasino account.

Funding your EmuCasino account with INTERAC® e-Transfer
  • Choose ‘INTERAC® e-Transfer’ after selecting your preferred bank.
  • You will then be presented with the information you need to provide later which includes an email address and unique tracking ID.
  • Copy the email address provided.
  • Open your bank’s online portal in a new tab and sign in.
  • Select ‘INTERAC® e-Transfer’ from the ‘To’ drop-down menu in the Quick Payments & Transfers section on the right side of the page.
  • Key in your deposit amount and click ‘Submit’.
  • If this is your first deposit, enter ‘Gigadat’ and tick the ‘Add this recipient to Payee list’ option to avoid repeating this process for subsequent deposits.
  • Paste the email address you copied earlier into the Email Address section under Contact Method and click ‘Continue’.
  • Copy the unique tracking ID that was provided earlier into the Message section and click ‘Confirm’ to complete the transaction.
  • Your deposit will be credited to your EmuCasino account within the next 15 minutes.

To find out how to cash out using INTERAC®, check out the INTERAC® section of our Cash Out page.