EmuCasino Privacy & Data Policy Introduction

This section, in addition to the General Terms and Condition on the site, sets grounds for all the privacy and data related information that is collected about the users of this website. By accepting the Terms and Conditions of the website, You are also accepting our Privacy and Data Policy as described below. EmuCasino.com is a data controller for the information that we obtain on You through this website.

We have appointed a data protection officer (DPO). If You have any questions about this privacy notice, including any requests to exercise your legal rights, please contact the DPO on: [email protected].

This Privacy and Data Policy covers the following:

1.1 Information collected about you

EmuCasino.com will collect and process certain information about you.

EmuCasino.com undertakes substantial efforts to ensure the confidentiality of the information it has collected about individual customers and will not knowingly allow access to this information to anyone outside of EmuCasino.com, other than to the Customer themselves or as described in this Privacy Policy.

In cases where we need to collect personal data by law, or under the terms of user contract we have with You, and You fail to provide us with the required set of information and documents, we reserve the right to restrict certain aspects of the site for your user account, including closing your account.

1.2 Information collected from you

The primary source of information collected is from the customer themselves, which will be part of You filling our registration forms, KYC compliances and other communications via email, phone, and contact through Customer Support or other mediums. This includes information You provide when You register on our site, including Email address, Full name, Country of Residence / Full address, Contact number, Citizenship, Date of Birth. Further information is collected while making a deposit, bets or withdrawals which will include financial information such as Debit/Credit card details, e-wallet usernames and user IDs, voucher pins or other information required for making monetary transactions on our site. This rule applies for both FIAT and Cryptocurrency players. Parts of this information collected will be encrypted as deemed necessary by the Security conditions of our License.

Additional information may be collected in the form of documents as part of account verification where You will need to validate the information You have provided during registration and financial transactions, including a valid government photo ID (this could include a National ID card, Driving License, Passport, Social Security ID or any other identification card that may be validated as a government issued National ID), documents for Proof of Address which may include utility bills, bank statements, official government approved letters stating your registered address. Financial information which may include photos of your Debit/Credit Card used during a deposit, screenshot of your e-wallet accounts or other financial documents related to your payment service provider.

Technical information, including your Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type, versions and plug-ins, time zone settings, device location, operating system and device used to interact with our site is also collected.

During your course as a user of our site, we also collect information related to your general usage of our site, including the duration of your login session, games You played, duration of each game and other page interactions within the site.

    1.2.2 Information collected about You from other sources

    We also collected information from third party data repositories that are relevant to our data groups. These data repositories are selected in reliance of licenses held by different entities. The data collected about You from third parties are mostly for statistical purposes but also widely relate to different contexts including Anti-Money Laundering, Criminal Offenses, Official or Government positions held, Responsible Gambling regulations and Problem Gambling Behaviours as prescribed by various jurisdictions and laws.

1.3 Categories of Data collected

Personal data means any information collected and processed about You which is required to use and deliver various services of the site and to adhere to third party regulations and our commitments related to Responsible Gaming, Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Fraud.

Such data are grouped into the following categories:

  • Identity Data: Includes First name, Last name, username, marital status, title, date of birth, gender, employment status and occupation
  • Contact Data: Includes Residential address, email address, citizenship, telephone numbers
  • Financial Data: Includes details of your bank account, payment card details (debit and credit card), e-wallet account details, details of payment service providers used during monetary transactions with us, details of your salary or source of wealth, details of documents used during KYC verification process, financial history.
  • Transaction Data: details of financial transactions such as deposits and withdrawals, wagering and non-financial transactions such as bonuses, play through fulfilment, games played on our site and other game related transactions
  • Technical Data: Includes details of your Internet Protocol Address (IP address), your device type and device location, operating system and platform, browser type and version, browser plug-ins and other technology, device and applications used to access our site
  • Usage Data: Includes behaviour within our website, your username and password (encrypted), game play behaviour, login session duration, general page session duration, game play duration, bonuses and promotion claims, responsible gaming and AML classifications
  • Marketing and Communication Data: Includes your preference in receiving marketing and advertising materials from us and other related third party communication for similar purposes and your communication mediums and preferences.

1.4 Purpose and Usage of Information collected

Each piece of your data collected serves a specific purpose and is required either by us or third party regulatory bodies or both. Please note that in the case of any dispute or government regulatory bodies seeking information about You, the usage of your data and information will include, but is not be limited to the following:

    1.4.1 User / Customer Verification

    We require customers to verify their identity to ensure full security of their account and authenticate their personal and financial profile.

    1.4.2 Fraud detection and management

    We are required by various third parties including licensing bodies to take all measures to ensure fraud control and management. This may include verification of banking methods and financial transactions to make sure that users are using the financial channels that are not owned by other parties or duplicated in any manner.

    As we commit to completely preventing money laundering and related activities, we use the information to compare your data to third party data sources to ensure that You have no history of money laundering.

    1.4.3 Detection of Problem Gamblers

    We stand by the fact that gaming should firstly resort to fun and entertainment and take a rigid stance on responsible gambling. Based on your data and history we will screen and monitor your behaviour as a customer on our website.

    1.4.4 Marketing and Promotional Purposes

    Subject to your preferences and gaming behaviour, we offer various services, bonus structures, promotions and updates and information on our services and products.

    You are able to unsubscribe to any marketing related communications at any time by going to within your Account settings.

    1.4.5 Enhanced user experience

    We firmly believe in optimising our website to ensure the best user experience, and your data helps us customize and improve on what we deliver.

    EmuCasino.com will not disclose your information unless deemed necessary by law.

1.5 Disclosure of your Information

By agreeing to our terms and conditions, You agree that we have the right to share your information and data under, but not limited to, various circumstances to other internal or external parties as itemised below:

  • To third party groups that maintain a record of frauds, money laundering and propagation financing with the intention of fulfilling our obligation towards fraud prevention, anti-money laundering, anti-terrorist group funding.
  • To third party jurisdictions and regulatory bodies which require us to follow certain guidelines under their license.
  • To any person, company and/or organisations that maintain a record of problem gamblers.
  • To any person, company and/or organisations that maintain a record of bonus abusers.
  • To gaming suppliers who deliver their gaming products via our website who require such data to be able to offer their gaming products to allow You to participate in a game.
  • To various third parties related to bank and payment services and gateways which are under a data processing agreement with us who require access to your information and data provided to us in order to complete any financial transactions.

If we are under legal obligation to disclose your data and information to any third party, EmuCasino.com has the right to share and disclose your information as relevant to that particular circumstance.

EmuCasino.com will use its best reasonable efforts to limit such disclosure to the following: where EmuCasino.com believes in good faith that it is required to do so in response to a subpoena, warrant or other legal process; or where reasonably necessary to identify, contact or bring legal action against persons or entities to preserve and/or enforce EmuCasino.com’s rights. Further, we can, and You authorize us to, disclose your Customer identification, name, street address, city, state, zip code, country, phone number, e-mail, and company to third party agents of EmuCasino.com as we, in our sole discretion, believe necessary or appropriate in connection with an investigation of fraud, intellectual property infringement, piracy or other unlawful activity or activity that may expose us to legal liability.

1.6 Where we store your personal data

The data and information we collect from You will be stored in our servers in Europe. However, in the circumstances where we are obligated to share your information to other third parties, as mentioned in the earlier parts of this policy, your data and information will then be stored in their servers, which may or may not be within the “European Economic Area” or “EEA”. By agreeing to our Privacy and Data Policy, You also agree with this process of transferring, storing and processing of data.

We will take reasonable steps to ensure that your data is transferred and stored securely and in accordance to the Privacy and Data Policy aforementioned. In the case where data is transferred to data-centers and servers outside the EEA, we will seek to take additional measures to ensure that the data is handles as per EU data handling policy.

1.7 Your rights on your data

As a user of our site, You have the right to take control of your data within the following limitations:

    1.7.1 The Right to Be Informed

    You have the right to have full knowledge of how your data and information is being used and by whom. This includes what information is being collected and stored, how the data is being collected and where it is being stored and how that information is being used and which party is using it.

    Furthermore, You have the right to know the third party sources from which your data may have been collected and the purpose for which the third party was used to collect your data. You also have the right to know how long your personal data will be stored within our servers.

    1.7.2 The Right to Access

    As a user of the site, You have full right to know your data content and access any personal or financial data that has been collected about you. We are obligated to provide You with any information regarding your data and personal information that has been stored, transferred or processed.

    1.7.3 The Right of Rectifications

    You have the right to request us to correct any inaccurate personal data about yourself and yourself only that may have been collected and stored. This includes the right to complete any incomplete data. You need to provide us with a valid reason and relevant documentation on any change or rectification that You require on your personal and financial data.

    1.7.4 The Right to Restrict Processing

    You have the right to restrict us from processing any of your data and information. However, in the case of such restrictions being imposed, You also consent that the restriction of processing Your data may lead to certain limitations for You on the usage of our site and under such circumstances both parties agree that the limitations which resulted as a restriction of the processing of data will not be contested by you. This is in understanding that we require certain data to facilitate specific components of our site and services.

    1.7.5 The Right to Be Forgotten

    You have the right to request us on completely removing your data and information and anonymising You from our servers. However, this would only apply if You have chosen to permanently exclude yourself from our site and services prior to applying for a request on the removal of all your data. The removal of your data will only limit to the data and information that You have provided to us and the information we have acquired from other third parties, under the condition that the data or information is of no reasonable use to us.

    Certain information may not be removed immediately adhering to our licensing and other third party requirements (for example anti-money laundering regulations). However, we will process your request within reasonable grounds upon the expiration of the retention period which will solely depend on the application of your data to our licensing and regulatory requirements.

    1.7.6 The Right to Data Portability

    You have the right to request us to transfer any personal data belonging to You only, within our servers, to a recipient of your choice. You will need to place a formal request and provide full information about the third party to whom the data should be delivered. Once the data has been shared by us to the party of your request, EmuCasino.com has no responsibility on how that data has been used by the receiver.

    1.7.7 The Right to Object

    You have full right to take control of your personal data and therefore have the right to consent or to withdraw consent in the processing of your personal data. If the processing of such data is objected, there may be limitations to your usage of the website and the facilities provided to You, and You shall not object to such restrictions put in place due to the data processing objections requested by you. This is in understanding that we require certain data to facilitate specific components of our site and services.