Join ambitious astronauts on a rocket destined for the stars in Betsoft’s new cosmic crash game! Just be careful because the rocket looks a little unstable…

3… 2… 1… Lift off! Soar up into space in Betsoft’s brand new Triple Cash or Crash game which marks their first foray into the fascinating world of crash gambling games.

Place bets on up to three astronauts and watch as the rocket climbs higher and higher along with an exponentially increasing multiplier. Be sure to eject before the rocket crashes though!

With a maximum multiplier of 100,000x your bet, this high-risk, high-reward classic crash game will have you on the edge of your seat waiting for the perfect time to eject and claim those cosmic big wins.

How to Play Triple Cash or Crash

triple-cash-or-crash-logoPlayers who are already familiar with the crash game format will find themselves settling into the rhythm of Triple Cash or Crash very quickly. Those who may not have come across this type of game before will be in for a treat with its unique and engaging gameplay that encourages players to take big risks for even bigger rewards.

Here is a cosmic crash course on how to play Triple Cash or Crash!

  • Place a bet on up to three astronauts (you can adjust each bet to your liking)
  • When the rocket launches, the multiplier will start and begin increasing
  • Eject your astronaut or astronauts at any point after take-off to collect your wins based on the current multiplier
  • At a random point, the rocket will crash and the multiplier will stop increasing
  • If you do not eject your astronaut before the rocket crashed, you will lose your bet
  • The goal is to eject your astronaut just before the rocket crashes to claim the highest possible win multiplier

For those who would like to learn more about this game, here is an in-depth step-by-step look into how to play and all the special features.


First, you will be greeted by the sight of a rocket as it lifts off. As it ascends, you will see the multiplier begin to increase exponentially the higher it gets. Eventually, the rocket will crash at a random point.

The rocket travels along a graph where the horizontal x-axis represents the length of time the rocket has been travelling and the vertical y-axis represents the current multiplier which increases as the rocket ascends.

triple-cash-or-crash-astronautTo start playing, you may place a bet on up to three of the astronauts inside the rocket. The bet for each astronaut can be adjusted to any value you wish independently from each other and will each collect multipliers individually. This gives you full control of your betting strategy.

You will have 10 seconds between each round to place your bets so make sure you place them in time!





When the timer reaches zero, the rocket will take off and the win multiplier, displayed in large text in the centre of the screen, will start increasing. The current payout for each astronaut will also be displayed beneath the multiplier.

You can eject your astronauts at any time after the rocket has launched. This can be done one by one with their individual buttons displayed in the centre of the screen under their current payout, or with the larger ‘Eject’ button on the betting sidebar.

You will win the amount based on the multiplier that was reached when the astronaut was ejected. You can also eject all remaining astronauts at the same time by clicking the red ‘Eject All Remaining’ button in the centre.

If the rocket continues to ascend after the astronaut is ejected, you will see your astronaut floating in space, and their collected amount will no longer increase no matter how high the multiplier gets.





The rocket will explode at a random point after take off. When the rocket explodes, players will no longer be able to eject their astronauts and will lose any bet made that had not been cashed out before the crash.

The goal is to eject the astronauts just before the rocket explodes in order to claim the highest possible multiplier for a round; it’s a high risk and even higher reward for players willing to hold on.

Triple Cash or Crash includes a useful Auto Cashout feature which allows players to choose a predetermined multiplier for each astronaut to target. Once that selected target is reached, they will be automatically ejected.

You can also cancel the Auto Cashout option in-game after the rocket has taken off by clicking the red ‘Cancel Auto-Cashout’ button. This will override the selected Cash out multiplier and allow you to eject the astronaut whenever you choose.

As each astronaut’s bet and optional Auto Cashout can be individually adjusted, players have an endless array of options to customise their own gameplay. The game also features a Repeat All Bets button which will repeat the previous round’s bets with the press of a single button.

Now you’re ready to blast off and put your skills and strategy to the test in Triple Cash or Crash!

Play the New Triple Cash or Crash Game!

ec-content-visual-triple-cash-or-crash-launchBlast into space and see if you can escape with your big wins before the rocket explodes!

Hey there, space enthusiast! Ready to explore the final frontier? Well, there’s a whole crew of astronauts waiting for a navigator as they board their brand new spaceship.

That rattling in the engine’s a little ominous though so you’ll have to be ready to eject the astronauts from the ship before it explodes!

Explore the galaxy, surf the stars and claim those cosmic wins! Just be sure to bring those astronauts home safe; they’re carrying that precious cargo of yours, after all.