How to Play

– Eddy Krueger is coming for you! Choose your prizes wisely before he gets you!

– Each of the boxes contains either a trick or a treat

– Players are rewarded tickets by logging in daily and after wagering their deposits.

– Players can use the tickets to open the mystery boxes and claim the bonuses!

– There are two (2) types of mystery boxes, Horror Boxes and the Golden Horror Boxes

– Golden Horror Boxes allow players to have higher chances in getting an exclusive bonus but it requires two (2) tickets to claim the Golden Horror Box.

– Horror Boxes have lower chances in getting a bonus but it requires only one (1) ticket to claim the Horror Box.

– Players are able to track the number of tickets available to them.

– All tickets are only valid until the end of the promotion period.

– Player have the choice to claim or forfeit the bonus received. Ticket(s) will not be credited back, if the bonus is forfeited.

– Once a bonus is claimed, players have to activate the bonus within the bonus section of their profile.

– All standard bonus terms and conditions apply.

Terms and Conditions

1. The promotion will run on the 00:00:00 (UTC) 26th of October 2018 to 23:59:59 (UTC) 1st of November 2018 on We reserve the right to change the promotion period as deem fit on the day.

2. You are advised to visit our website or contact our Customer Support, if you have further queries regarding this promotions.

3. This promotion is open to all players in EmuCasino.

4. One (1) free ticket will be given daily when you login.

5. Players can obtain one (1) ticket for every $50 wager.

6. The more you wager the more tickets you get every day.

7. A player can only obtain a maximum of 10 tickets per day.

8. A new set of bonuses will be automatically refreshed across the boxes every 24 hours.

9. Note that once you have obtained the maximum of 10 tickets in your account, any amount that you wager after will not contribute to any additional tickets.

10. Tickets can be accumulated up to a maximum of 70 tickets during the promotion period.

11. Qualifying Games: All Slot games except Jackpots, Virtual Sport and Live Casino.

12. Golden Horror Boxes allow players to have higher chances in getting an exclusive bonus but two (2) tickets are required to claim the Golden Horror Box.

13. Horror Boxes have lower chances in getting a bonus but only one (1) ticket is required to claim the Horror Box.

14. Each of these boxes might also contain no bonuses at all (tricks).

15. Each of the bonuses revealed are subject to their respective terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are revealed once players activate their bonus.

16. Please note that when the ticket has been used up to reveal a box, this move is irreversible and your ticket number will be deducted from your account.

17. You will have the choice to accept or decline the mystery bonus that you receive.

18. Players have 10 minutes to either Accept or Declines their bonus once it is revealed. The bonus is automatically accepted if players do not decline the bonus or leave the page without declining the bonus after revealing it.

19. Players only have 24 hours to activate their bonuses once they are accepted and claimed the bonus. The bonus will be automatically deactivated after 24 hours of claiming them if remained inactivated.

20. All bonuses will expire three (3) days after being activated.

21. All bonuses are not exchangeable, not redeemable for cash and are non-transferable to any other person.

22. EmuCasino reserves the right to penalize the players from participating in the campaign, if found abusing the bonuses.

23. EmuCasino reserves the right to update the bonuses or promotions related to this campaign at any point in time, depending on the requirement.

24. All other standard bonus T&C’s apply.