Easter Sale is here!

The shopping frenzy season is here from 30th – 1st April 2018!
We are bringing so much fun and joy this year’s Easter celebration! We made gaming in EmuCasino more interesting by adding in-game perks or benefits in exchange with EmuPoints on a discounted rate of up to 20%!
Check out our EmuShop to see what we have! You won’t be regretting this!

What do we have in store?

Deposit Bonus: You can claim this bonus on your next deposit, and you will receive extra money according to the bonus.

Cash Bonus: Claim the instant cash rewards immediately once you have bought the bonus, no deposit needed.



How to buy the bonus?

  • Login and click “EMUSHOP”
  • Select the product that you wish to buy
  • Click on “BUY WITH POINTS”
  • The bonus should appear in your “BONUSES”

Claim your bonus using your EmuPoints today!

Hurry up and shop now before it’s too late

Find out more about EmuPoints and the EmuShop here.