Choose Your Celebratory Bonus Gifts for Eddy’s 8th Birthday

Eddy’s birthday is coming up and as his best friend, the one and only Dingo, I’m going to ensure he has the best surprise birthday party ever with your help!

Psst! Hey, over here! It’s me, Dingo! Now, you may have noticed that Eddy’s 8th birthday is coming up and he’s been a bit too busy to plan a party to celebrate the occasion. Since I can’t exactly call myself his best friend if I don’t do something about it, I’m planning a surprise birthday party and I need everyone’s help to make it happen. Yes, I mean you too! Since Daisy and the rest already have their own tasks, that leaves you in charge of picking everything – the cake, the food, the decorations – so please come over every day of the preparations! I promise I’ll make it worth your while before and after the party!

Promotion Period: 20 July 2020 UTC 00:00:00 to 2 August 2020 UTC 23:59:59

What is this bonus?

Every day of the promotion, you will be able to choose either a match deposit bonus or free spins. Additionally, a mystery gift will be awarded to several lucky players after the promotion ends.

How do I claim this bonus?

Log in every day and visit the promotion’s landing page. Opt into the bonus package of your choice and claim it when you make your next deposit. Your options will appear as below: