Easter week is coming and Eddy needs your help to collect as many Easter eggs as you can.

The time has come to put your Easter egg hunting abilities to the test and see how many bonuses you can rack up during this exciting promotional period. Reveal prizes include EmuPoints, no-deposit free spins, deposit free spins, a cash bonus, a deposit bonus or even real cash, so find out what the Easter bunny has in store for you.

Let the egg hunt begin!

How to Play

Step 1:

Log in to your EmuCasino player account, visit the Easter promotion page, and deposit and wager a minimum of $50 on any pokies (within the promotion period: 12 April 2019 UTC 00:00:00 to 22 April 2019 UTC 23:59:59).

Step 2:

For every $50 deposited and wagered, you receive one (1) ticket, which you can use to pick an egg and reveal the bonus within.

You can track the number of tickets available to you on the Easter promotion page.

Step 3:

Once your bonus is revealed, you can choose to either claim or forfeit the bonus.

Step 4:

Once the bonus is claimed, you can activate it within the bonus section of your profile.

Step 5:

During the campaign period, players stand a chance to receive a Golden Egg.

If you receive a Golden Egg, you can choose to either claim or forfeit it once the real cash amount is revealed to you.

Step 6:

Happy egg hunting!

Terms and Conditions

1. The promotion runs from 12 April 2019 UTC 00:00:00 until 22 April 2019 UTC 23:59:59 on EmuCasino reserves the right to change the promotion period as deemed fit.

2. Players receive a ticket for every $50 deposited and wagered.

3. Only real money wagered in any pokie games (excluding jackpots) will contribute towards earning the ticket.

4. Each ticket can only open one (1) egg. Once a ticket has been used, player can wager another $50 to obtain an additional ticket. Each player can receive a maximum of 7 tickets per day.

5. Once players have a maximum of 7 tickets in their account, any amount wagered after that will not contribute to any additional ticket.

6. All tickets are only valid until the end of the promotion period.

7. It may take up to 15 minutes to update a player’s available tickets.

8. All claimed bonuses will expire if they are not activated during the promotion period.

9. All activated bonuses will expire within 3 days from the activation date.

10. Each of the eggs consists of either EmuPoints, no-deposit free spins, deposit free spins, cash bonus or match deposit bonus. Each of the Golden Eggs contains real cash.

11. Bonuses are subject to their respective terms and conditions, which are revealed when activating the bonus in the bonus section of the player’s profile.

12. There is no wagering requirement for real cash in the Golden Eggs.

13. Real cash will be credited to your account within 48 hours.

14. Players have the choice to claim or forfeit the bonus/cash received. Ticket(s) will not be credited back to players after the bonus/cash is forfeited.

15. All unclaimed bonuses/cash will be forfeited once the player has exited the page.

16. This promotion is open to all players who have received the invitation from the casino.

17. EmuCasino reserves the right to penalise any player from participating in the promotion if found to be abusing the bonuses.

18. EmuCasino reserves the right to exclude any entry into the promotion, alter the terms of promotion, or cancel the promotion if it is unable to run the campaign due to technical difficulties.

19. For further enquiries regarding this promotion, contact the Customer Support team.

20. All standard bonus terms and conditions apply.