Eddy’s Halloween Bash – Choose Your Bonus Treat

What is this bonus?

Players will be able to claim one of two bonus packages every day of the entire promotion period. These packages include free spins, match deposit bonuses and no deposit free spins. Additional no deposit free spins can be claimed upon filling up the form provided below.

Promotion Period: 26 October 2020 UTC 00:00:00 to 1 November 2020 UTC 23:59:59

*Only players who receive an invitation are eligible for this bonus.

How do I claim this bonus?

  • Log in and visit this page
  • Select your desired ‘DracEddy’s Transylvanian Treats’ package by clicking on the ‘Opt In’ button
  • After opting in, the ‘Opt In’ button on the selected package will change to ‘Opted In’ and the ‘Opt In’ button for the other package not selected will be greyed out
  • Click on ‘Deposit’
  • Select the ‘Halloween 2020’ bonus when you make a deposit within the promotion period
  • This can be done once every day throughout the entire promotion period

General Terms and Conditions

Want to claim additional no deposit free spins?

How do I claim this bonus?

  • Click on the ‘Get More Treats!’ button below
  • Fill up all the required fields in the form provided and press ‘Submit’
  • Your no deposit free spins will be credited to you once the information you have provided has been verified and processed

Enjoy your no deposit free spins!


It’s trick or treat time the Transylvanian way here at DracEddy’s Castle so get ready for some sweet bonuses!

Welcome to the spookiest place in the world you could possibly be at the spookiest time of the year: none other than my home, DracEddy’s Castle! You have braved the menacing mountains of Romania and all the Transylvanian terrors that haunt it to arrive at my doorstep so it is only fair that I, DracEddy reward your efforts in the manner most meaningful for this occasion.

As you can see, I have prepared two buckets full of my special Transylvanian treats with some help from my loyal companion Frankendingo; it is up to you to test your luck and pick a bucket. Will you get something tooth-rotting or terror-inducing? There’s only one way to find out! And if that’s not enough dark delights for you, I’ll give you more if you sign this totally innocent-looking document I have here… (It’s just red ink, I promise.)