Gonzo is no longer alone in his search for the lost city of El Dorado; now you can join him on his treasure hunt and discover riches galore thanks to the help of Evolution!

The innovative minds at Evolution have broken new ground once again with Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, the world’s first ever slot-inspired live game show.

Seamlessly combining live casino and slots-style gameplay to create an exciting new experience, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt offers every player a personalised treasure hunt adventure with the possibility of uncovering legendary winnings!

How Do I Play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt?


The main feature of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is a giant wall comprised of 70 stones with each stone representing a prize. Players begin each game by choosing which of the six different-coloured stones they would like to search for on the wall. Each one has a different payout value and the higher that value, the less frequently it will appear.


Once players have selected which stones they want to find, they will decide how many ‘picks’ or tries they would like to have at looking for their chosen stones. These are represented by handprints and players can buy up to 20 ‘picks’ each round.


Next, the stones are shuffled and their values hidden, leaving only a blank wall. Players then select the stones they believe are the ones they are searching for using their available ‘picks’. These will be marked with handprints and players can only see their own choices.


The next stage is the Prize Drop which causes stones with randomly selected bonuses on them to appear at the top of the wall. If there’s an opening below any of the stones, the bonus will activate.

  • Bonus Prizes: These stones which have numbers with the plus sign in front of them will drop down, stop at a randomly selected slot on the wall and add its value to that of the hidden stone there.
  • Multipliers: All bonus prize values on the wall will get multiplied according to the number on these stones.
  • Re-Drops: The stone with the cyclic symbol acts like a respin and will trigger a new Prize Drop round which means more potential bonus prizes and even multipliers.


Once all the bonuses have been activated, the wall’s hidden values will be revealed in the order of the lowest to highest default values, allowing players to see if their treasure hunt has been successful.


In addition to being the first ever slot-inspired live game show, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is also the first live casino game that can be played in Virtual Reality (VR) mode. Players will need a VR headset and a controller to access it and experience stunning 360-degree video content which is accompanied by a VR-adapted user interface.

Play This Revolutionary New Live Casino Game by Evolution Today!

ec-content-visual-gonzos-treasure-hunt-launch-mainAfter so long, I finally get the chance to help the famous Gonzo on his epic quest and if you come along, you might find yourself on a very rewarding treasure hunt!

Being a globetrotting adventurer, I’ve heard of and encountered numerous other famous thrill-seeking souls along my journeys.

Out of all of them, the intrepid Spanish explorer Gonzo is someone I’ve wanted to meet for a long time but our paths have sadly never crossed… until now.

Thanks to my pals at Evolution, I don’t just have a chance to get his autograph; I get to help him find the lost city of El Dorado and so do you! All its riches are waiting for us so grab your gear and let’s go!