Step 1:
Log into your EmuCasino player account and go to the Valentine’s Day campaign page. Players will now be automatically opted-in to the campaign.

Step 2:
Make an accumulated deposit and wager according to the milestone requirement under the “Milestones” tab on the campaign page.

Step 3:
The progress map in the campaign page will let players know their current position and latest progress on the milestone map. Fulfilled requirements will light up the pathway indicating a player’s progress in locating Dingo’s crush Daisy. Unlocked milestones will turn grey in colour whereas milestones that have not been unlocked will be blue in colour.

Step 4:
Upon reaching a milestone, it will light up to indicate the player’s current/latest milestone and bonuses will be credited to the player’s account. Players are required to activate the bonuses given in their account bonus section within 7 days from the awarded date. All unused/unclaimed bonuses will expire after 7 days from the date they were awarded.

Step 5:
Good luck and have fun!

    emucasino-valentines-day-heart-image    The promotion will run on the 10th of February 2020 UTC 00:00:00 till the 16th of February 2020 UTC 23:59:59 on www.emucasino.com. We reserve the right to change the promotion period as deem fit on the day.

    emucasino-valentines-day-heart-image    This promotion is open to players who have received the invitation from the casino.

    emucasino-valentines-day-heart-image    Players will be opted-in automatically to the campaign once they have visited the Valentine’s Day campaign page.

    emucasino-valentines-day-heart-image    Players may visit the campaign page to check their progress on the milestone ladder and unlock their bonuses.

    emucasino-valentines-day-heart-image    It may take up to 15 minutes for the milestone page to reflect the milestone progression once players fulfil the criteria to unlock the milestones.

    emucasino-valentines-day-heart-image    Only real money wagering will contribute to the campaign.

    emucasino-valentines-day-heart-image    Wagering requirements can be fulfilled on all slot games (excluding jackpot games).

    emucasino-valentines-day-heart-image    Players will receive either no deposit bonuses or loyalty points depending on the milestone achieved.

    emucasino-valentines-day-heart-image    Upon receiving the bonus, players are able to check the full bonus details in their account bonus section or under the ‘Bonus’ section in the campaign page. Players are required to refresh the landing page to see the update.

    emucasino-valentines-day-heart-image    Each bonus is available only once per player.

    emucasino-valentines-day-heart-image    Players are advised not to activate multiple bonuses simultaneously and ensure that only one bonus is activate. Additional bonuses can be activated once a player has used or completed any existing active bonuses in their account.

    emucasino-valentines-day-heart-image    Players are required to activate the bonuses given in their account bonus section within 7 days from the awarded date. All unused/unclaimed bonuses will expire after 7 days from the awarded date.

    emucasino-valentines-day-heart-image    Activated/claimed bonuses will expire within three (3) days.

    emucasino-valentines-day-heart-image    All bonuses offered in this campaign are subjected to wagering requirement, maximum bets and maximum bonus winnings

    emucasino-valentines-day-heart-image    EmuCasino reserves the right to update the bonuses or promotions related to this campaign at any point in time depending on the requirement.

    emucasino-valentines-day-heart-image    EmuCasino reserves the right to penalize any players from participating in the campaign, alter or cancel the promotion if they are found abusing the bonuses, or EmuCasino is not able to further run the campaign due to technical difficulties.

    emucasino-valentines-day-heart-image    You are advised to visit our website, contact our Customer Support on 24/7 from your mobile or desktop, if you have any further queries regarding this promotion.

    emucasino-valentines-day-heart-image    All standard promotion and bonus terms & conditions apply.

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