Step 1:

Obtain one roll of the dice by depositing $50 and wager on any pokie games (excluding jackpot games).

Step 2:

Visit the promotion page and click on the dice.

Step 3:

Once the dice shows the result, the platforms will light up according the number on the dice. (One free throw will be given once players complete a full round of the board)

Step 4:

Once you land on a platform based on the dice result, a bonus pop up will appear. If you land on a gift box platform, the bonus wheel in the center of the board will be activated upon which their bonus will be revealed.

Step 5:

You are have the option to accept or decline on a bonus in the pop-up message once players are eligible for a bonus.

Step 6:

Once you accept your bonus, go to your bonus section in your account to active the bonus. Full details of the bonus can be viewed when activating the bonus.

Free throws

A special free throw round will start when the countdown timer ends. During this period, players are allowed to make any number of throws until the free rounds end (after 1 minute), for the price of 1 dice throw.

Christmas bonuses on offer

Each of the icon on the board represents the bonus type and the color of the icon represents the attractiveness of the bonus.

Start - Once you pass this, you will get 1 free throw
$30 Bonus Cash + 50 No Deposit Free Spins
2,000 Emupoints
Deposit $20 and get 100 Free Spins
40 No Deposit Free Spins
$40 Bonus Cash
1,500 EmuPoints
30 No Deposit Free Spins
100% match up to $150
$50 Bonus Cash
60 No Deposit Free Spins
2,500 Emupoints
$20 Bonus Cash + 30 No Deposit Free Spins
50 No Deposit Free Spins

Chance bonuses on offer:

75 No Deposit Free Spins
100 No Deposit Free Spins
75 No Deposit Free spins + $50 Bonus Cash
50 No Deposit Free Spins + $30 Bonus Cash
$1,500 Real Cash

eddy-skellington-bullet-points   The promotion will commence on the 16th December 2019 until 29th December 2019 on EmuCasino. We reserve the right to change the promotion period as deem fit on the day.

eddy-skellington-bullet-points   This promotion is open to players who have received the invitation from the casino.

eddy-skellington-bullet-points   You are advised to visit our website or contact our Customer Support if you have further queries regarding this promotion.

eddy-skellington-bullet-points   One (1) throw will be given for every $50 deposit and wager until the campaign ends. Wagering on all Pokies Games (excluding jackpots) will contribute to receiving a throw.

eddy-skellington-bullet-points   One (1) throw will be given for free for every completed round on the board.

eddy-skellington-bullet-points   It may take up to 15 minutes for the throws to be shown as available once players fulfill the criteria.

eddy-skellington-bullet-points   A player can only accumulate a maximum of eight (8) throws, for additional throws, players will need to use the throws currently available to them.

eddy-skellington-bullet-points   Players need to visit the promotion page every time before making the deposit in order to be eligible for the promotion. Any deposits and wagering made before entering the campaign will not contribute towards the throw.

eddy-skellington-bullet-points   Players are able to obtain additional throws by depositing and wagering an additional $50.

eddy-skellington-bullet-points   Note that once players have a maximum of eight (8) throws in their account, any amount that they wager after, will not contribute to any additional throws.

eddy-skellington-bullet-points   Players will be able to redeem a bonus on the board by using one (1) or more throws

eddy-skellington-bullet-points   Once the countdown timer ends and the free through round is activated, it will last for one (1) minute only. The time and day of the free throw is determined by the countdown timer.

eddy-skellington-bullet-points   Players have the choice to claim or decline the bonus/cash received. Throw(s) will not be credited back to players after the bonus/cash is declined.

eddy-skellington-bullet-points   Upon getting a bonus, players are able to check the full bonus details in their account bonus section

eddy-skellington-bullet-points   Players are required to activate the bonuses given throughout this campaign in their account bonus section.

eddy-skellington-bullet-points   Players are required to activate their deposit bonuses within the same day (until UTC 23:59:59) before it expires

eddy-skellington-bullet-points   Players are advised to activate 1 Free Spin bonus at a time. We recommend that players use all their active free spins before activating additional free spin bonuses.

eddy-skellington-bullet-points   Players are required to activate their no deposit bonuses within seven (7) days upon receiving it.

eddy-skellington-bullet-points   In the case where players are rewarded the Real Cash during the campaign period, the amount will be credited to their account within 2 working days.

eddy-skellington-bullet-points   Activated bonuses will expire within three (3) days.

eddy-skellington-bullet-points   All unclaimed bonuses/cash will be forfeited once the player exits the promotion page.

eddy-skellington-bullet-points   Bonuses obtained will be reflected under “Your Bonuses”. Players are required to refresh the landing page to see the update.

eddy-skellington-bullet-points   All unused/unclaimed bonuses will expire after 7 days from the date of the bonus being awarded

eddy-skellington-bullet-points   All bonuses offered in this campaign is subject to wagering requirements, maximum bets and max bonus winnings.

eddy-skellington-bullet-points   Wagering requirements are to be fulfilled in the following pokie games only:

  • 9 Lions
  • Valhalla
  • Lucky Fish
  • Vegas Reels 2
  • Vegas Hot
  • Lost Treasure
  • Relic Hunters and the book of Faith
  • Magic Stars 5
  • Fortune Pig
  • The King
  • Skulls of Legend
  • Spin or Reels
  • Scrolls of Ra
  • Book Of Immortals
  • Merlin's Magic Mirror
  • Jumbo Stampede
  • eddy-skellington-bullet-points  We reserve the right to penalize the players from participating in the campaign if found abusing the bonuses

    eddy-skellington-bullet-points  We reserve the right to update the bonuses or promotions related to this campaign at any point in time, depending on the requirement.

    eddy-skellington-bullet-points  All Standard Promotion T&C apply.

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