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Mascot Gaming Match Bonus Gift

I bet you’re going to have loads of fun with my new pals’ games but how would you feel if I gave you something that could help you enjoy them even more?

What is this bonus?

Deposit a minimum of $20 and receive a 100% match deposit bonus up to $20 which can be used on the 11 Mascot Gaming slot games listed.

Promotion Period: 8 September 2021 UTC 00:00:00 and 19 September 2021 UTC 23:59:59


Play Our New Mascot Gaming Slots Today!

ec-content-visual-mascot-gaming-launchI’ve heard that mascots are supposed to bring good luck so you should be pretty lucky when you play these games since they’re from Mascot Gaming!

If there’s one thing anyone knows about me, it has to be the fact that I’m always making new friends. On that note, meet my new pals from Mascot Gaming!

Hailing all the way from Russia, they first showed off what they could do in 2019 and it’s been nothing but high-quality fun in high-resolution packages ever since.

Now those mesmerising games are sitting in my library so if you’ve ever wanted to meet gods from all across the world like Amaterasu and Bastet, you know who to thank!