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ec-content-visual-new-zealand-summer-gamesI’m here in New Zealand to enjoy some lovely summer days with my Kiwi friends and I’ve naturally brought some fitting games with me!

Kia ora, my Kiwi friends! I just had to come and visit you the second it was summertime in your little corner of the world. After all, I may love travelling but warm and sunny is my kind of weather.

So what do you guys have planned? A surfing competition? One or two beach parties? Maybe just lounging around getting a nice tan? Oh, we can’t forget a barbeque because we’re definitely going to work up an appetite and our bellies aren’t going to fill themselves for sure!

Whatever it is, I’m game for it and just to prove that, I’ve naturally done what I do best and brought some games of my own that are a perfect match for the season! To keep things fresh, I’ll even change up my list when a new month of summer begins!