This coming Christmas is extra special on EmuCasino because we will be bringing you on a fun & exciting experience together with Eddy. Here are your chances to get more while having a once in a life experience on EmuCasino! Your Christmas is about to get a whole lot more entertaining and rewarding thanks to our Christmas campaign, where you will have a chance to claim rewards worth up to 825 + 700 Free Spins per player! That’s not all! There will be a special raffle contest at the end of the Christmas campaign! Stand another chance of winning even more rewards. A prize pool of $8,000 cash plus 2000 free spins awaits!

How to Play

Step 1:

Login into your account

Step 2:

Fulfill the daily mission mentioned on the whiteboard. You can track your completion level from the progress bar. The mission is complete once that progress bar reaches 100%.

In case a mission is incomplete, they will be marked as incomplete in your bonus rack.

Everyday a new mission will be introduced at UTC 00:00:00 on the very day and will expire at UTC 23:59:59. If players fail to complete the mission before the expiration time, that mission will be marked as incomplete.

Step 3:

After completing the mission, the gift(s) will appear at the end of the machine belt.

Once players see the arrow pointing to the gift box, they will be able to claim it by clicking on it, upon which there will be a pop up message that will guide you on how to claim your exclusive bonus/

If players do not claim the bonus the same day, it will move to their gift rack and players will be able to click on the glowing gift(s) to receive your bonus. The gifts which are yet to be claimed will expire on the 25th December 2018 UTC 23:59.

Step 4:

Once players have claimed their bonus, players are required to activate the bonus in their account bonus section.

Step 5:

Good luck, have fun and Merry Christmas!

Terms and Conditions

1. The promotion will commence on the 14th of December 2018 UTC 00:00 to 25th of December 2018 UTC 23:59 on We reserve the right to change the promotion period as deem fit on the day.

2. You are advised to visit our website or contact our Customer Support, if you have further queries regarding this promotions.

3. One (1) mission will be reveal per day until the campaign ends.

4. Players will be able to gain one (1) bonus upon completing the mission and the bonus will be shown in your account bonus section.

5. Players are required to activate the bonuses given throughout this campaign on their account bonus section.

6. Activated bonuses will be expired within seven (7) days.

7. Players will gain one (1) additional bonus when they fulfilled every three (3) missions.

8. After completing the mission, the present will be activate and glow. Players are able to claim the bonus by clicking on the glowing present.

9. Each mission will expire on the same day at UTC 23:59.

10. All unused/unclaimed bonuses will expire on 25th December 2018 UTC 23:59.

11. Only wagering on Pokies games will contribute to the mission.

12. Players will be opted-in automatically to a special raffle contest when they have completed any seven (7) or more missions.

13. Players will be picked at random in the special raffle contest.

14. Players ranked Top 40 will receive a prize.

  • 1 $1,500
  • 2 $1,250
  • 3 $1,000
  • 4 $800
  • 5 $700
  • 6 $600
  • 7 $500
  • 8 $400
  • 9 $300
  • 10 $200
  • 11 – 15 $100
  • 16 – 20 $50
  • 21 – 40 100 Free Spins

15. Raffle winners will be announced via email after seven (7) working days when the campaign ends.

16. EmuCasino reserves the right to penalize the players from participating in the campaign, if found abusing the bonuses.

17. EmuCasino reserves the right to update the bonuses or promotions related to this campaign at any point in time, depending on the requirement.

18. All Standard Promotion T&C’s apply.