The results of our raffle are in! Were you lucky enough to get picked?

While my Totally Rad Bonus Raffle might have ended, the fun’s going to continue for 11 of my lucky friends! Are you one of them?

Laurenfra****renGrand Prize$1,000
Filipozag***lipConsolation Prize$500
Waderb****onConsolation Prize$500
Guygu****uyConsolation Prize$500
Emilyvem***olsConsolation Prize$500
Rafaelraf***fryConsolation Prize$500
Sandyjac******ndyConsolation Prize$500
Duncandu****meConsolation Prize$500
Jeffna****ffConsolation Prize$500
Harryhar****sonConsolation Prize$500
Marioma****lsConsolation Prize$500