Valentine’s Day 2018 Promotion – Eddy Plays Cupid


As the internationally revered day of Love – Valentine’s Day approaches, our dear own Eddy is on a noble quest to bring two love birds together. Assist Eddy in igniting the romantic flames of love and passion between these two feathery sweethearts and win some fantastic prizes and bonuses in our week long Valentine’s Day Promotion. Can you smell the love in the air yet?

This upcoming Valentine’s Day promotion is our way of expressing our unending love and appreciation for all of our loyal players, and so you will have the opportunity to rack up as many prizes and bonuses as you can! As you do the deed of uniting two lost loves, you will climb the leader board and win extra cash bonuses. Let the smell of love guide you to the finish line!

Campaign start date: 9th February 2018 – 15th February 2018


Campaign open to registered players only*