Valentine’s Day 2019 Promotion – Rescue the Damsel in Distress


Can you feel the love in the air?
That’s Valentine’s Day 2019 drawing near and we have a special promotion for you! The princess is trapped in the castle with a huge fire-breathing dragon standing between her and the milestone; she desperately needs your heroism in saving her just in time for Valentine’s Day; for this heroic act, rest assured that you will be richly rewarded with bonus cash and free spins! Together with Eddy, prepare to save the day and embody the very essence of heroism and chivalry on this most revered day of Love!

Our love and appreciation for all of our players knows no bounds and this upcoming Valentine’s Day promotion is our way of expressing this sentiment that resides at very core of EmuCasino.

The way this promotion works is simple; the more rounds of slot games that you can complete, the more milestones you cross and bonuses that you will win!

This Valentine’s Day, let the unstoppable power of love give you the strength to rescue the princess and guide you towards some truly spectacular prizes!

Valentines Day Promotion Campaign Period: 4th February 2019 – 10th February 2019