My extra special friends deserve extra special treatment and since you’re one of them, I’ve rolled out the red carpet for you!

I love all my friends and give them all kinds of treats but I have to admit that I kind of play favourites a little (or maybe a lot). After all, I do have best friends who play with me all the time like Dingo here… and you!

That’s right, I see you as one of my best friends which means I’ve got something special for you that you’re going to love: exclusive membership in what I call The VIP Club and all the perks that come with it!

ec-vip-star-bullet-01 Meet your exclusive The VIP Club hosts

ec-vip-star-bullet-01 Other benefits of being a member of The VIP Club

ec-vip-star-bullet-01 Anything else you might need to know

Introducing Your Hosts at The VIP Club

When I thought about the best thing I could possibly do for my best friends, the first thing that came to mind was making sure they could get whatever help they needed as quickly as possible.

To make that a reality, I’ve brought in a couple of my friends to assist you any time any day or even just to have a friendly chat if that’s what you want. Come and meet them!



My email: [email protected]

Live chat:

What you should know about me:

I love food – Asian food especially – and love cooking up a storm for my family even more. When I’m not checking out a new restaurant or trying a new dish in the kitchen, I’m taking care of my 7 fur kids that I adore with all my heart.

Aside from whatever casino needs you might have, feel free to buzz me about my fur parent experiences or ask me for some recipes.



My email: [email protected]

Live chat:

What you should know about me:

I’m the type of guy who believes in maintaining a good mind, body and soul balance so I love to train my body and mind while having fun. As such, I spend whatever time I can spare travelling, working out and working out while travelling.

Come to me if you have any questions relating to the casino, my workout routines, the places I’ve been and my travel experiences.

Additional VIP Club Membership Perks

As a member of The VIP Club, dedicated hosts aren’t the only benefits you get to enjoy, of course. Here’s a list of the other perks you can expect:

ec-vip-star-bullet-01 Cashbacks, loyalty bonuses, free spins, cash drops, spin drops, EmuPoints, match deposit bonuses and more

ec-vip-star-bullet-01 An express withdrawal process and other transfer perks such as higher deposit and withdrawal limits

ec-vip-star-bullet-01 Bigger bonuses with minimum wagering requirements and higher max bet values

ec-vip-star-bullet-01 The ability to contact either of the hosts using your preferred instant messaging (IM) channel

ec-vip-star-bullet-01 Being among the first to try our newly launched games before they are made available to everyone

ec-vip-star-bullet-01 Two exciting new promotions every week exclusively for The VIP Club members (that’s you!)

Your VIP Levels

EmuCasino Platinum


  • 30% more EmuPoints on wagering
  • Matched deposit bonuses up to 130%
  • Free spins & large cash drops
  • Plus much more

EmuCasino Elite


  • 40% more EmuPoints on wagering
  • Matched deposit bonuses up to 150%
  • Free spins & mega cash drops
  • Plus much more

Other Useful Information

Got other questions about The VIP Club? If they happen to be any of the ones below, I’ve already got the answers ready for you!

Why was The VIP Club created?

The answer to this is really simple: While I value all my friends and want to give them the best of everything, I feel I owe it to my best friends who come play with me all the time, rain or shine, to go the extra mile for them. I want to show them that I acknowledge how loyal they’ve been to me and The VIP Club was the perfect way to do just that.

What can I expect from The VIP Club’s hosts?

Only the best possible service, that’s what! Mia and Paul will listen and adapt based on the feedback and requests they receive from you, for one, and cater to your every need on an individual and personal basis. You can count on them to come up with and offer you a fully customised plan that’s been perfectly tailored to fit you.

Will joining The VIP Club affect my EmuPoints collection?

The VIP Club and my EmuPoints loyalty programme are two separate things although collecting EmuPoints is one way you can earn your club membership. In case you don’t already know about it, collecting EmuPoints is how you progress up the programme’s 6 tiers and unlock more benefits for yourself. To learn more, you can read up on my EmuPoints and EmuShop.

Does that mean I can become a member of The VIP Club?

Actually, anyone can become a club member! The moment you register to play with me here at EmuCasino, you’re automatically part of my EmuPoints loyalty programme and can start collecting EmuPoints immediately. The more you have, the higher your rank will be and before you know it, you’ll be literally one step away from entering The VIP Club!

While you’ll need to meet certain criteria before you can receive your club membership and your benefits increase in proportion to said rank-up, don’t fret; Dingo and I are always keeping an eye out for anyone we think absolutely deserves to be in The VIP Club. Once we’ve found that new special someone, we’ll waste no time rolling the red carpet out for them!

On that note, everyone at EmuCasino also recognises that there is a difference between a VIP and someone who simply has a problem with compulsive gambling. For more information on that, please see our views on responsible gambling.