Big Winners

Meet our most prolific big winners

Find out who the luckiest players are at EmuCasino and see if you’re our next big winner. Don’t miss out the latest updates on our lucky punters and their player journey that made incredible winnings at EmuCasino! We’ll keep you updated on the big wins you can anticipate and learn about the games with these historical payouts, from slot games with special features to the exclusive live casino games.


Four Big Winners, Four Different Winning Strategies!

Big wins don’t happen all the time in EmuCasino. At the end of October, we had four big winners winning big on the same day itself! Meet Samuel, Angus, Luke, and Ruth, all hailing from New Zealand. [...]

Doubling Your Big Wins from The Slots Is A Lucrative Move

Fancy the thought of unleashing your inner bandit, sticking up the banks or becoming a mighty high roller? Then you should find out how Liam from Betford Park in the Toronto suburbs did it. You just m [...]

No Bet Is Too Small To Win Big With EmuCasino!

No bet amount is too small when you have Free Spins on your side! A modest 5kr bet amount coupled with plenty of Free Spins can net someone a 61,000kr balance at the end of the day if they’re lucky! [...]

Kiwi Player's Diversified Gameplay Pays Off Massively

Sometimes, having a diversified playstyle can pay off over sticking to a single slot, as one lucky Kiwi player found out when he had a cumulative win of $323,725 over five days! A few days ago, a [...]

Kiwi Wins Big in VIP Roulette Live Dealer

EmuCasino celebrates yet another big winner who collected over $1 million worth of winnings in the mega-popular VIP Roulette Live Dealer on the 10th and 11th of August 2020. Hailing from the suburb [...]

Fortune Favours the Bold in Monopoly Live

In another momentous victory recorded at EmuCasino, our new big winner bagged 219,400 kr from Monopoly Live Casino. Jon, a young Norwegian is our celebrated player of the month with an exciting sto [...]
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