Big Winners

Meet our most prolific big winners

Find out who the luckiest players are at EmuCasino and see if you’re our next big winner. Don’t miss out the latest updates on our lucky punters and their player journey that made incredible winnings at EmuCasino! We’ll keep you updated on the big wins you can anticipate and learn about the games with these historical payouts, from slot games with special features to the exclusive live casino games.


Big Wins Throughout September

September’s came and gone and we’re featuring some of the most memorable wins over the course of the month on our site. Antonia, Dayna, Deiter, and Douglas are this month’s featured big winners. [...]

Girls Rule the Slot World in August

Women took centre stage in August as they swept win after win on the slots. It’s time for girl power as Sarah, Honalee, Kathleen, Lisa, and Tracey all feature as our August big winners. First big [...]

One DAYNA-mite win for one lucky Kiwi

This month, we’re showing you why Dayna, our featured winner of the month deserves the huge congratulatory pun from his name! We’ll show you how the weekend, this lucky Kiwi made a killing over [...]

Colossal Bets Pay Colossal Wins

There’s nothing quite like winning over $120,000 to start off the month. For these three big winners, they’re having the experience of a lifetime. Sharif, Toby, and Kyle have won themselves a very [...]

Big Winners Winning More At EmuCasino

EmuCasino has always been a place where winners win at the games they choose. Moreso this week where we had 4 big winners winning at the slots around the same time. Slawomir, Toby, Blair, and Tracey a [...]

Four Players Winning Four Big Wins

Big wins don’t always need to happen immediately. It can also occur with smaller cumulative wins that slowly grow into large winnings. One of April’s featured winners found that winning smaller am [...]
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