Lucky Kiwi Scores A Streak of Big Wins Totalling $113,300

Some people have all the luck as one particular player proved over the course of just four days. Our big winner of February is Daniel from New Zealand.

Kicking off the month with a bang, Daniel started off fishing for a big win on the Bigger Bass Bonanza slot game. Using a bet of $144 as his bait, he hooked his first big win of $19,728.

Emboldened, he decided to challenge the Greek gods next by storming the Gates of Olympus slot game and achieved a big win of $16,000 from a $50 bet out of it.

He then wound down the day’s winning streak by going back to Bigger Bass Bonanza where he caught a big win of $13,747.20 with a $19.20 bet.

The next day, Daniel went back to knocking on the Gates of Olympus, impressing Zeus with his boldness so much that another $50 bet blessed him with a big win of $21,270.

Having returned from the trip feeling an urge to misbehave, he planned a robbery of the Empty the Bank slot game. Unsurprisingly, he successfully made off with a big win of $20,640 using a bet of $100.

To evade the police on his tail, he hid out in the precocious pup-filled The Dog House Megaways slot game. While he was there, he fetched yet another big win of $11,619.30 with a juicy $14 bet.

Daniel came back two days later to get his hands on the last big win of his lucky streak on the slot game The Hand of Midas. Once again, his golden touch worked its magic and turned a $30 bet into a big win of $10,296.

All in all, he secured a grand total of $113,300.50 from playing and winning big on five different slot games. Talk about having a fabulous – or rather Feb-ulous – lucky streak.

/Josh Brown
News editor