Lucky Kiwi’s Single-Day Slot World Journey Leads to Big Win Streak

A decision to explore the four corners of the slot world in one day led to one lucky player from New Zealand encountering big win after big win in July.

Filled with slot world wanderlust one July day, 37-year-old Kyle from New Zealand opted to play a variety of slot games instead of sticking to just one title. His first stop was the Wild West with the Wanted Dead or a Wild slot game where to his surprise, he collected two big win bounties worth $2,311.64 and $2,338.08 respectively.

He then travelled to the Far East with the help of the Eastern Emeralds slot game and was once again richly rewarded when his $10 bet yielded a precious $2,320 big win.

Next, Kyle chose to go back in time to ancient Rome and wound up bearing witness to the great fires that consumed it. Sensing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, he raided the Nero’s Fortune slot game with a daring $20 bet and made off with $7,835 worth of the mad emperor’s riches.

In his haste to escape, he briefly ended up back in the Wild West where another go at the Wanted Dead or a Wild slot game lassoed him a big win of $6,810.48 before he returned to ancient Rome.

This time, Kyle found himself fighting for his very life as a gladiator in the Colosseum through the Tiger’s Glory slot game. Arming himself with a $20 bet, he charged into battle and emerged victorious with a big win of $1,689 as his hard-earned trophy.

Feeling a little crazy from all the travelling, he checked himself into the Mental slot game only to find himself faced with two more big wins respectively worth $2,549.33 and $1,096.55.

With a final big win total of $26,950.08, it was definitely an insane end to an insane trip but one that was definitely rewarding from start to end. We hope Kyle enjoys another incredibly lucky streak again soon and that other players will also experience a similar stroke of good fortune in the near future.

/Josh Brown
News editor