Forgotten Details Welcome to the EmuCasino customer support page!

Here you can find all the ways you can make contact with us for whatever issue or question you may have.

Although we try to make everything as clear as possible on site, there will always be the potential need to get in contact with us to explain or resolve any issues you might have.

Please feel free to contact us via anyone of the below methods. We recommend Email or Live chat as the quickest and most definitive (you can refer back to) way to get answer on a query you may have.

Find Quick & Easy Answers

Sometimes the answers to your questions are just around the corner and we’ve tried our best to ensure that all your answers are just few clicks away. Below we’ve provided some helpful quick links which may just have the answer for your questions.

Quick helpful links:

Forgotten username or password
In case you have forgotten your username of password, this link gives you the details on how to recover them.

Our promotions
Get full details on what bonuses and promotions EmuCasino has on offer and how to claim them.

FAQs page
We understand that you may have some commonly asked questions, to which you can find the answers on this link.

Due diligence requirements
Due to our security protocol, our players are required to follow some KYC requirements, find out what they are.

How do bonuses work?
EmuCasino bonuses are one of the highlights and something which most players look forward to, learn how bonuses work here.


We have email support 24hr a day, 7 days a week that will be able to answer your questions or queries in a swift manner. We also welcome all feedback on your experience at EmuCasino as this will help us to continually improve the service we offer to you.

Live Chat

You can chat with a member of our Customer Support through our live chat service, allowing you to potentially find solutions to common issues straight away. If a member of our support team is not available, it will default to sending an email.

To use Live Chat, open the right side menu and click on the speech bubble at the top right corner.

Once you have done that, you will need to enter your First name and your Username or Email address. To make things easier for us, you can also select a category of your inquiry so we can get our specialist right away. Once done, click on ‘Start the Chat’. We’ll get our available customer support team on it immediately.

Help Us to Help You More Effectively

When making contact with us, ensure that with any correspondence you make, it as clear as possible as to what you’re looking to find out and remember there might be quicker ways to find out on things through pages that specifically answer your questions on this site.

Any correspondence please include:

– Your Username (if applicable)
If you are a registered player, please enter your Username.

– The problem or issue
Kindly state the type of problem or confusion that you have experienced.

– Where on the site did it happen
Mention the page name or even the url if you experienced an issue with the website.

– When did it happen
Mention the date and the time so we can check if other players faced similar problems as well.

– An error message (if applicable)
If you experienced an error within the site, make note of the error number or the error message.