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Get Exclusive Bonuses and Privileges from Our EmuCasino VIP Club

Welcome to EmuCasino’s VIP Club where my VIP friends get everything VIP from special privileges to exclusive bonuses!

Here is a quick rundown of the exclusive privileges that will be made available to you the second you become a member of my VIP Club:


VIP Hosts

The VIP Club has two special hosts who are always ready to answer all your queries and fulfil your requests at any time.


EmuPoints and the EmuShop

VIP Club members can earn more EmuPoints than regular members and look forward to their own exclusive EmuShop.


Exclusive Bonuses

VIP-only weekly bonuses, exclusive bonus codes and special EmuPoints benefits are available to all EmuCasino VIPs.


Exclusive Events

All VIP Club members can join EmuCasino events and casino races that are strictly invite-only and win amazing prizes.


VIP Refer a Friend Program

We have a special and even more rewarding version of our existing Refer a Friend program which is open only to VIPs.



Find the answers to questions about the unique privileges that can only be enjoyed by VIPs among other things here.

While all of my friends enjoy sweet benefits here at EmuCasino, some earn the right to be called VIPs (Very Important Pals) and consequently gain access to a very special part of my home.

That’s right, I’m talking about none other than my VIP Club where those very VIPs get to enjoy extra special treatment from yours truly!

Below is a short breakdown of the exclusive perks that you’ll receive as a VIP player:

Exclusive VIP Hosts

ec-content-visual-vip-club-main-page-hosts As a VIP Club member, you can count on receiving some of the best personalised service EmuCasino has to offer! You will be able to contact Mia or Paul, our wonderfully talented VIP Club hosts who are here to help you with whatever you may need!

They are contactable at any time of the day to answer any question you may have or if you just want to have a chat. You can get in touch with them via a variety of messaging channels with more instant messaging options already being explored and implemented.

Why wait to have your questions answered? Your dedicated VIP Club host will make sure you get what you need right when you need it.

More EmuPoints and an Exclusive EmuShop

ec-content-visual-vip-club-main-page-emupoints-vip-emushop You are probably already well aware of our incredibly rewarding EmuPoints loyalty program – in fact, collecting EmuPoints is how everyone becomes a VIP Club member! Once you’re a certified VIP player, you’ll be able to collect even more EmuPoints just by doing the same things you always do like play your favourite games.

As before, all the EmuPoints you collect can be spent at the EmuShop on a variety of amazing bonuses and rewards.

We have something exciting on the horizon for you though: an exclusive EmuShop available only to VIP Club members! It will be stocked with plenty of special bonuses that will definitely appeal to all of our VIP players!

Exclusive Bonuses

ec-content-visual-vip-club-main-page-vip-bonuses As a show of our appreciation, we shower our VIP players with all sorts of special gifts and exclusive bonuses on a satisfyingly regular basis.

For starters, you can count on receiving weekly bonuses that change from week to week so that you can start every weekend with a bang. On top of that, you can get VIP-only bonus codes every now and then as a little surprise treat.

Even our wonderful VIP Club hosts might occasionally offer a special bonus just for you and you alone! Talk about the 5-star EmuCasino service you deserve!

Exclusive Events

ec-content-visual-vip-club-main-page-vip-events It’s important to us that our VIP Club members have the best and most rewarding experience every second that they spend here at EmuCasino. As such, we have crafted a variety of fun activities that are exclusively available to them.

These events are perfect for those who want to exercise their competitive spirit by going up against their like-minded fellow VIP CLub members.

Furthermore, these exclusive events which include tournaments and casino races are incredibly rewarding with plenty of prizes just waiting to be grabbed.

These include not only bonus cash but also real cash prize pools so there’s no good reason not to jump in and join the fun!

VIP Refer a Friend Program

ec-content-visual-vip-club-main-page-refer-a-friend Some might consider it a little selfish to keep all these amazing perks all to themselves and we have addressed that issue: If you have friends that you are keen on sharing your amazing VIP Club experience with, you can take advantage of our brand new VIP Refer a Friend program!

Whenever you refer a friend to us through this program, we will roll out the red carpet for them and reward both of you at the same time.

You will get a whole array of special bonuses and benefits while your friend will instantly get the Gold loyalty level, all the perks that come with it and a special welcome gift to boot!

It’s a win-win situation so feel free to make the most of it!

Answers to Your FAQs

ec-content-visual-vip-club-main-page-faq Do you have any more questions?

If you do, be sure to check out our VIP Club FAQ page where we’ve got answers to your most frequently asked questions.

If you can’t find your answer, then you are more than welcome to reach out to our lovely VIP Club hosts via their dedicated WhatsApp and Skype channels.

Whether it’s about bonuses, withdrawals or even how to roast a chicken, they’re available for a chat 24/7.

They’re there to help the best that they can so don’t hesitate to contact them if you need assistance with anything!

We have made our VIP Club as exclusive and rewarding as possible and we’re excited to have you here!