Did you know that you can play all your favourite online casino games while you’re on the move?

That’s right! As fantastic as desktop computers might be, you don’t have to use them exclusively to play our online casino games or even log in to EmuCasino; it’s possible to do all those things using just your mobile phone or tablet.

Here’s what you need to know about EmuCasino’s mobile casino experience:

Mobile Casino Gaming System Requirements

Due to the fact that the average smartphone today is on par with a desktop computer in nearly every way, the mobile casino gaming experience is almost identical to the desktop gaming experience.

Having said that, it is not necessary to own the latest model even when it comes to desktop computers as online casino games are designed to be as accessible as possible.

For the most part, the system requirements of online casino games stem from their visual elements as many titles have HD graphics and dynamic animations.

Additionally, some game providers have slightly higher system requirements for their online casino games than others for this same reason.

Here are the minimum system requirements for online casino games in general, mobile casino games specifically and desktop online casino games for comparison:

Minimum General System Requirements:

1.6GHz processor
512 Kbps internet speed

Minimum Operating System Requirements:


Microsoft Windows Desktop

Windows 98+


Apple macOS Desktop

macOS 8.6+


Android Phones/Tablets

Android 7.0 and above


Apple iPhones/iPads

iOS 10 and above

Guaranteed Safe and Secure Mobile Casino Gaming

The entirety of EmuCasino is securely encrypted down to the last webpage so you can trust that any personal information you share is in good hands.

This applies even when you are navigating our site with your preferred mobile device which means there is no difference in the level of protection that we offer to our mobile casino players.

Additionally, EmuCasino does not require you to download any apps in order to access our site with a mobile device.

On a similar note, you do not need to download anything into your device before you can play any of our mobile casino games.

This means that the usual risks associated with adding or leaving files on your device even if they are from familiar sources are non-existent.

In other words, it is safe for you to make deposits, play our mobile online casino games and even withdraw your winnings while you are on the go at EmuCasino.

However, you are still strongly encouraged to keep your account information safe on your end by not sharing it with other people for starters.

The Appeal of Playing Mobile Casino Games

In the early days, the mobile casino scene was slow, inferior to its desktop counterpart and largely unappealing to the vast majority of online casino players.

This was partially due to the extensive technological limitations of first-generation mobile phones especially when compared to the power and capabilities of even standard-model PCs.

The other reason for this situation was the simple fact that online casino operators and even game providers did not see any benefits in making accommodations for mobile casino gaming. As a result, they focused their attentions solely on desktop users.

However, all of this naturally changed as phone technology improved in leaps and bounds with upgrades to everything from the display to the sound.

The creation of the smartphone ushered in a new era not just for regular communications but also for mobile casino gaming and that is easily observed today.

Now, almost everyone has a mobile phone that is more than capable of playing the average mobile casino game and a data plan to service its internet connection requirement.

Many have taken full advantage of this capability to become mobile online casino players and indulge in their favourite slot while they are on the move.

The appeal is no different from that of regular mobile games in that people now have a fun way of occupying their time in situations where there is nothing to do such as waiting for the train.

Of course, the advantage that mobile casino games have over their counterparts is that they offer the chance to win real money and win big at that so it’s not hard to see why they’re popular.

The EmuCasino Mobile Online Casino Experience

Players can expect their experience of visiting our site using a desktop computer to be almost identical to what they would experience if they used a mobile device.

This is thanks to the fact that EmuCasino has a responsive site design that adjusts itself accordingly once it has detected which platform a player is using to access our site.

Because of this, we have a standard user interface that both our desktop and mobile casino players will not have to learn how to navigate two different systems if they frequently alternate between devices.

Additionally, as previously mentioned, we do not require our mobile online casino players to download any apps in order to be able to access EmuCasino; they use the same URL as our desktop players and it will work like any other website.

Small and negligible differences aside, our mobile casino players can expect to have the same experience that our desktop players enjoy which include the following:

A Complete Mobile Casino Game Library

Our entire collection of over 2,000 online casino games is playable on all devices so mobile online casino players do not have to be afraid of missing out.

All of their favourite online casino games can be enjoyed while on the go and they are free to check out any of our new online casino games during a moment of free time.

Naturally, this applies to our widely popular online slots which all come from the most reputable and innovative mobile casino game providers in the industry.

Mobile table games like online Blackjack and online roulette in all their variations are also available for gaming on the go.

Our mobile casino players can even enjoy our live casino games on their smartphones and tablets without having to deal with any additional fuss.

All Available Payment Methods on Mobile

Being able to play our mobile casino games with real money first requires funds to be deposited into one’s EmuCasino account but even that can be done with a mobile device.

Just as on desktop, every last one of our available payment method options is open to our mobile casino players provided it is applicable to their location.

The process of making deposits and withdrawals for our mobile online casino players is also similarly easy, fast, safe and secure.

Whatever differences exist between the steps for both platforms are mostly due to the involvement of mobile phone apps connected to the payment method providers themselves.

The Same Desktop and Mobile Gaming Promotions

Our mobile casino players never have to worry about not being privy to any of our rewarding promotions and campaigns as they can see, get and participate in the exact same deals.

All of our bonuses such as our recurring Free Spins Tuesday promotion can be claimed easily via mobile devices and our seasonal campaigns are open to both desktop and mobile casino players.

Any gameplay on our non-jackpot mobile online slot games will contribute to our players’ leaderboard scores in our weekly casino races where they can win bonus cash and real cash prizes.

Our mobile casino players can also easily take part in our Slot Missions and earn themselves EmuPoints, no deposit free spins and bonus cash based on their gameplay.

The same goes for our Beat the Winner campaigns which involves our desktop and mobile online casino players working together to trump a recent big winner’s achievement and win their share of a bonus cash prize pool.

All our other fun activities such as our Gaming Week initiatives are open to our mobile casino players so they too can claim the free bonuses available.

Last but not least, our mobile online casino players have full access to our EmuCasino loyalty program and enjoy all its benefits such as collecting EmuPoints and buying free bonuses such as match deposit bonuses, no deposit free spins and bonus cash from our EmuShop.

This applies doubly so to mobile casino members of our VIP Club who have an even easier time of communicating with their exclusive VIP hosts among other things.

The Differences Between Desktop and Mobile Casino Gameplay

Although our mobile online casino players have access to the same online casino games as our desktop players, there are still unavoidable differences in their gaming experience.

This largely stems from the sharp contrast in the screen sizes with the mobile phone naturally having the smallest out of all the options.

On top of that, all desktop displays are horizontal while mobile phones and tablets can be rotated to have either a horizontal or vertical display.

Nevertheless, these differences are primarily aesthetic in nature and mobile casino players can enjoy all the same features of a game that are available to desktop players.

In fact, mobile online casino players will even find that game providers have made accommodations so that the mobile gaming experience is conveniently befitting the devices for which they are built.

To showcase this, here are a few examples of how the user interface for mobile casino games have been customised to suit their mediums and their desktop counterparts for comparison:

In EmuCasino’s very own exclusive online slot game Eddy Dundee, its mobile game version has a different user interface where the reels are squeezed at the top and the spin button is below.




Mobile (Vertical)

Of course, those who prefer to do so can simply rotate their device and enjoy our exclusive mobile online slot in horizontal mode.


Mobile (Horizontal)

Some mobile casino games have a similar layout but centralise their user interface elements to be more aesthetically pleasing and allow their stunning visuals to be fully showcased.




Mobile (Vertical)

Similarly, these mobile online casino games can be played horizontally with a quick rotation of the player’s mobile phone or tablet.


Mobile (Horizontal)

Meanwhile, a variation of this layout where the user interface elements are unchanged from to device to device can be found in several mobile casino games.




Mobile (Vertical)

In such cases, the mobile online casino game is almost indistinguishable from its desktop counterpart when the mobile phone or tablet is rotated and the game is played horizontally.


Mobile (Horizontal)

Last but not least, there are game providers who have a mobile-first approach so their mobile casino games are formatted in such a way they are perfect for mobile gameplay.




Mobile (Vertical)

These mobile online casino games can still be played horizontally by rotating the mobile phone or tablet but the result is slightly less ideal compared to the vertical alignment.


Mobile (Horizontal)

The History of Mobile Casino Gaming on EmuCasino

At the beginning, EmuCasino had a rudimentary type of responsive design in that it would automatically direct its players to the right ‘version’ of our site depending on their device.

In other words, those using a desktop computer to access EmuCasino would end up on the desktop site by default while those visiting

EmuCasino using a mobile or tablet device would be instantly directed to the mobile site.

These two versions of the site existed in the form of separate URLs as seen below:

  • https://www.emucasino.com/en/
  • https://www.emucasino.com/en/mobile/

Several differences existed between these two versions of the site such as:

  • Variations in format between desktop and mobile casino games
  • Less graphics-heavy elements on the mobile casino site to enable shorter load times
  • An adaptive site design that adjusts to fit the screen size and dimensions of the device being used

It should be noted that there were no enforced limitations on which device could use which version of our site.

It was entirely possible for mobile casino players to load the desktop version of EmuCasino and vice versa.

However, those who did this would more than likely encounter issues that hampered their ability to navigate the site and negatively affected their user experience in general.

Examples of this issues included difficulties loading our online casino games and certain elements on our site either appearing strangely or becoming unresponsive.

Because of this, we strongly encouraged our players to use the version of our site that had already been designed specifically to suit their device of choice.

After we relaunched EmuCasino and created a responsive site design that would automatically adjust everything according to our players’ devices, we and they no longer faced any of these issues.

As such, our mobile casino players did not need to visit a separate version of our site and would not run the risk of encountering any compatibility issues by accident.

To showcase the drastic changes that EmuCasino underwent during this relaunch, here is a quick look at how our site used to look and how it looks now:









You can learn more about all this by visiting our 2022 relaunch page.

Now that we have proven that EmuCasino is the best online casino for mobile casino players, join us today and start playing with us on the go!