Get rewarded just by coming to EmuCasino and spending time with me!

It’s no secret I that I love it when my friends come over to my home to play games with me and look forward to their visits every single time. Whenever I have an excuse to do so, I throw huge parties and give out great gifts so they know just how much I like having them around. Aside from that, I show my appreciation for them on a more regular basis through my special EmuPoints loyalty programme and a little something I call the EmuShop.

Got questions? I’ve got the answers:

*The EmuShop is not available to players from Finland and Sweden.

*Loyalty Points and the EmuShop are currently not available for any players using Bitcoin as a currency.


EmuPoints: An Introduction

As a way of showing my gratitude to my friends, I have a ‘full activity’-based complimentary reward system that grants loyalty points. I call them EmuPoints and give them out to my friends whenever they do something here at EmuCasino. Through this comp system, they have a chance of winning free games, extra bonuses and even free cash prizes!

How to Collect EmuPoints

Earning EmuPoints is so easy you won’t even realise you’re collecting them! You’ll get them by simply doing the following activities:


The moment you sign up for a new account here at EmuCasino, your first EmuPoints will already be waiting for you! They will be yours once you finish the registration process and your account has been successfully activated.

Logging In and Playing

There’s quite possibly no easier way to earn EmuPoints than coming over to my home and playing games with me every day. Simply log in for a minimum of 15 minutes and wager at least $50 within that session to get your points.

Making a Deposit

Receive EmuPoints every time you deposit real money into your player cash account.

  • Deposit $50 or more – Get 50 points
  • Deposit $100 or more – Get 200 points
  • Make more than 3 deposits within 24 hours (min. $20) – Get 100 points on each deposit
  • Make 8 deposits within 24 hours (min. $20) – Get additional 500 points

Wagering on Games

Of course, the most fun way of earning EmuPoints has to be wagering on your favourite casino games! I have over 1500 titles for you to choose from as you try to score that big win but regardless of the outcome, you’ll still be benefiting from my comp system with every wager.

  • For every $10 stake on a slot game or online scratch card, you have a chance to earn up to 12 EmuPoints.
  • If you are an EmuCasino Newbie, you will get 5 EmuPoints for every $10 stake. As you move up the levels, you will collect proportionally more EmuPoints for the same wagering amount.
  • At the EmuCasino Elite level, you can earn 200% extra EmuPoints on slot games and online scratch cards.
  • Every $10 stake in Blackjack, Roulette, jackpot games, table games and video poker will earn you 1 EmuPoint. If you’re at the EmuCasino Platinum or Elite levels, you will be awarded 2 EmuPoints per $10 stake.

Coming Soon

Uploading Documents

Due to licensing obligations and to ensure the security of your account, you will need to verify your identity by completing the player verification process. EmuPoints will be given to you at every step such as for each document you upload. For more information on how to do this, check out the account verification page.

Withdrawing for the First Time

Few things beat the feeling of winning in your favourite game and when you want to make a withdrawal of your winnings for the first time, I’ll mark the occasion accordingly! A nifty 500 EmuPoints will be all yours the moment you make your first withdrawal.

Recommending a Friend

I believe in the saying ‘the more, the merrier’ especially when it comes to the number of friends I have coming to play with me so if you bring a friend with you, I’ll be eggs-tatic! For every friend to whom you recommend EmuCasino, you will collect a whopping 3,000 EmuPoints.

More EmuPoints, More Benefits

As you collect more loyalty points through my comp system, more rewarding and diverse bonuses will become available to you. Below is information on the different EmuCasino loyalty levels such as how many EmuPoints you need to reach it and what kind of benefits you can expect.

EmuCasino Newbie


  • All new players start as a Newbie
  • Existing players from previous iteration
  • Standard EmuPoints on wagering
  • Match deposit bonuses up to 100%
  • Plus much more

EmuCasino Bronze


  • Get 40% more Emupoints on wagering
  • Match deposit bonuses up to 100%
  • Weekly reload bonuses up to $100
  • Free spins on set games
  • Plus much more

EmuCasino Silver


  • Get 40% additional EmuPoints awarded to Bronze on wagering
  • Match deposit bonuses up to 110%
  • Weekly reload bonuses up to $100
  • Free spins & small cash drops
  • Plus much more

EmuCasino Gold


  • Get 20% additional EmuPoints awarded to Silver on wagering
  • Match deposit bonuses up to 120%
  • Weekly reload bonuses up to $500
  • Free spins & medium cash drops
  • Plus much more



Tracking Your EmuPoints


Because I want you to never miss out on the awesome bonuses and incentives I have for you, I’ve made it super easy for you to keep track of your EmuPoints!

All you have to do is go to your EmuCasino profile and you will be presented with a summary of all the relevant information.

The first thing you’ll see is how many EmuPoints you currently have followed by your loyalty level, badge and all.

After that is a history of your most recent transactions which lists the exact time and date of your last three visits along with how many loyalty points you earned each session.

At the very bottom of this section is a button that will take you directly to the other really cool part of my comp system which is the EmuShop! What is it exactly, you ask? Well, scroll down a little more and find out!

Presenting the EmuShop and the Use of EmuPoints

Increasing your loyalty level in my comp system isn’t the only reason you have to collect as many EmuPoints as you can; an awesome alternative is my very special EmuShop where you can spend those loyalty points however you see fit! There’s something for everyone here and you can bet I’ll be at the entrance waiting to welcome you and show you around so your online casino shopping spree will be problem-free.


First, you’ll notice that the EmuShop has four categories which are Free Spins, Deposit Bonuses, Cash and Prizes. The free spins, match deposit bonuses and bonus cash are each subject to their own terms and conditions so please pay attention to that before you exchange your EmuPoints for them.

Free Spins

If slot games are the main attraction for you here at EmuCasino, this is the category you’ll probably be most interested in when you visit the EmuShop. As little as 2,640 EmuPoints is enough for you to claim 10 free spins and the highest number of free spins you can purchase with EmuPoints at one go is a cool 100.

Deposit Bonuses

The EmuShop also has match deposit bonuses which are perfect if you like playing a wide variety of games and are fond of getting more bang for your buck. There are several different match percentages and maximum amounts so feel free to pick the one that matches your preferences. Once you have exchanged your EmuPoints for the one you want, you will be able to claim it the next time you make a deposit.


Want to skip all the math and just give your EmuCasino account a nice instant boost of bonus cash? Then this is the category you’re looking for! As long as you have the EmuPoints to spare, you will be able to claim as much as $300 in bonus cash at one go. With this, you will definitely be able to play your favourite games for that much longer!


Sometimes you just want to pamper yourself with a good time outside of EmuCasino and I totally understand that. As such, I’ve made it possible for you to exchange your EmuPoints for some truly exclusive gifts and prizes. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing experience or an exciting adventure, there’s a way for you to win something here besides cash!

To see how many EmuPoints you have accumulated and what you can spend them on specifically at the EmuShop, you will have to log in to your EmuCasino account.