Enjoy the Best Bitcoin Online Casino Experience Available

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have become an increasingly integral part of any business that heavily involves online transactions and the online casino industry is no different.

In response to this trend as well as cryptocurrency’s ever-growing popularity among its own current and future players, EmuCasino has taken the logical next step and become the best Bitcoin online casino that it can be on every level.

Play the Top Bitcoin Casino Games

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Befitting our commitment to providing our players who use cryptocurrency with the best online casino experience possible, we have a significant number of Bitcoin casino games in our online casino games library.

The process is no different than if one were to play any of these titles with FIAT currency; all a Bitcoin casino player has to do is load the online casino game they want to play, click the appropriate button or two and they will be on their way to enjoying the EmuCasino Bitcoin online casino experience in full.

Our complete and ever-growing catalogue of crypto-enabled online casino games can be found on our Bitcoin casino games page so start your Bitcoin casino journey with us today.

Play Our Best Online Slot Games with Bitcoin

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Like most FIAT currency online casino players, a majority of Bitcoin casino players enjoy playing online slots more than any other type of online casino game.

This comes as no surprise as slot games are the most iconic element of casinos and the world of slot games offers a stunning variety of everything from themes to mechanics.

In response to the rising number of Bitcoin online casino players all around the globe, online casino game providers have begun taking the necessary steps to address this growing demographic.

As a result, almost if not all of their online slots offerings are now playable with Bitcoin. Some have also gone the extra mile of expanding this function to include other established cryptocurrencies and stable coins like Ethereum and USDT (Tether).

Depending on the Bitcoin casino player’s country-based restrictions, the ability to play their favourite Bitcoin online slots also includes the ability to make use of any buy bonus features available in the aforementioned online slot game.

This means that they will be able to experience everything the online slot in question has to offer to the fullest without having to miss out on a single thing.

Play Our Top Bitcoin Online Casino Table Games

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Not to be outdone by our vast collection of Bitcoin online slot games, our roster of table games that can be played with cryptocurrencies is worthy of mention in its own right.

These Bitcoin online casino games cater to those who prefer to play classic online casino games that involve cards instead of reels.

At EmuCasino, Bitcoin casino players will be able to find all the most popular as well as the lesser known but still fan favourite table games in our games library. These include:


The go-to table game among online casino players regardless of their level of expertise, Blackjack has a legion of fans thanks to its surprisingly simple but still exciting gameplay.

Its rules which are incredibly basic and easy to understand make it one of the most accessible Bitcoin online casino games in the world especially where online table games are concerned.


The roulette wheel is another iconic element of casinos online and offline which means it’s no great shock that Roulette is another favourite table game among Bitcoin online casino players.

While some would consider its wide range of betting options to be overwhelming, others view this as its most appealing element due to the freedom it gives them in making their bets on any round.


Similar to Blackjack, Baccarat has mechanics and rules that are welcomingly uncomplicated – two qualities which have made it another popular choice among beginner Bitcoin online casino players.

In fact, those who are new to online casinos and wish to play table games instead of online slots are encouraged to at least try Baccarat before they ‘graduate’ to other online table games.


Arguably one of the most famous table games thanks to a certain secret agent, poker in fact owes the other part of its popularity to its nature of being one of the few online casino games not based on pure luck.

Instead, playing this particular game requires knowledge, skills and strategy – something which undoubtedly makes it appealing to Bitcoin casino players who like a challenge.


Table game fans who prefer dice over cards as well as a bit more action in their Bitcoin online casino games are more than likely already familiar with craps.

While its numerous betting options can seem daunting to newcomers, they are functionally not that different from those offered by Roulette and require no skill at all so the game itself is easy enough to play.

More Bitcoin casino games of the table variety can be found in our online casino games library such as Pontoon and Sic Bo so feel free to browse and play our online table games with Bitcoin today.

Enjoy the Live Casino Games Experience with Bitcoin

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Purely digital online table games are not the only way to enjoy the most classic of online casino games thanks to the many advancements in technology over the years.

Those who want the traditional element of human interaction without having to sacrifice the convenience of online casino gaming are now able to have the best of both worlds thanks to live casino games.

Just like other Bitcoin online casino games, these live dealer games are also readily available to Bitcoin online casino players all day and all night.

Built-in chat functions enable them to converse with the live dealers in real time even as they place their bets and wait for a round to progress.

It should be noted that just as with FIAT currency players, Bitcoin casino players must be logged into their EmuCasino accounts before they are able to play live casino games.

Play Our Bitcoin Casino Games for Free

Due to the occasionally volatile way in which Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies fluctuate in terms of value, it is understandable that Bitcoin online casino players would be hesitant to play online casino games they are unfamiliar with using their preferred cryptocurrency.

Fortunately, they have the freedom and ability to play these new online casino games for free without having to risk their real money just like FIAT currency players. This is possible through the play-for-fun mode which can be found in most online casino games.

Through demo play mode, Bitcoin casino players will be able to play whatever online casino game they want with free money for as long as they want.

There are many benefits to playing free online casino games even for Bitcoin casino players regardless of whether they are beginners or veterans.

For one, it allows them to test as many titles as they like with no time limit or worries about a shortage of funds hanging over their heads.

This is particularly useful when one takes into consideration the sheer amount of Bitcoin online casino games available and the numerous innovations that game providers introduce with every new title they create.

While there is no such option available when it comes to live casino games, Bitcoin online casino players can log in, select the live dealer game they are interested in and simply watch.

They are not required to place bets in order to have access to live casino games and can join the action at any point provided the current round’s betting window is open.

Claim Exclusive Bitcoin Promotions and Bonuses

At EmuCasino, Bitcoin online casino players can enjoy the same benefits as FIAT currency players and that includes being able to claim our many generous promotions.

This applies from the very beginning and they will even be eligible for special bonuses once they have selected their preferred cryptocurrency when they register their new account.

Bitcoin casino players have their own exclusive welcome bonus which is the Bitcoin Welcome Bonus while other cryptocurrency users can claim the standard welcome bonus.

More information about our cryptocurrency welcome bonuses is readily available so learn more and claim our special welcome bonus to ensure you have the best Bitcoin online casino experience possible.

Deposit and Withdraw with Bitcoin Safely and Securely

In line with EmuCasino’s decision to enable Bitcoin online casino players to play their favourite Bitcoin casino games with their cryptocurrency of choice, we have made it possible to make deposits and withdrawals with cryptocurrency.

This process is not all that different from the ones that FIAT currency players go through when they make transactions using their preferred payment options.

The only key difference is that Bitcoin online casino players will use their crypto wallets and crypto addresses instead of credit card numbers or prepaid voucher codes.

Just as making regular transactions with cryptocurrencies is a speedy, safe and secure matter, so too is making deposits and withdrawals at EmuCasino with Bitcoin and other supported stable coins.

Information on how Bitcoin casino players can fund their EmuCasino accounts can be found on our crypto deposit method page.

Learn the Fascinating History of Bitcoin

Bitcoin (BTC) is a cryptocurrency that was first launched in January 2009 by an anonymous group of programmers working under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.

It utilises a decentralised digital ledger system known as a blockchain which securely and automatically keeps a record of all transactions. With its secure encryption and verified transactions, the blockchain ensures records cannot be falsified.

It should be noted that Bitcoin was the first decentralised virtual currency to reach widespread popularity and success, inspiring the advent of cryptocurrency in the modern digital age.

Along with security and efficiency, it offers a level of anonymity to its users which allows them to protect their identity and privacy.

When Bitcoin was released in 2009, Nakamoto mined approximately 1.1 million Bitcoin before disappearing in 2010.

Control was given to Gavin Anderson who worked to decentralise the platform, an act which would remove central authority from the currency and turn it into a peer-to-peer network available to all.

As of 2023, Bitcoin is legal in a number of countries including the United States, the European Union, Canada, Australia, France, and more.

With more institutions and platforms also beginning to accept digital currency, people are hopeful for a future where Bitcoin can become a global reserve currency.

Understanding the Relationship Between Bitcoin and Online Casinos

In recent years, Bitcoin has gained increasing popularity as a form of currency in online casinos for a multitude of reasons.

Considering the fact that it was developed as an online digital currency, there is no surprise that it goes hand-in-hand with online casino games so well.

One of the main benefits of Bitcoin is the rapid transactions and instant payments possible with it which allows for immediate deposits and withdrawals. Most transactions are confirmed within minutes or a few hours, meaning funds can be available for play almost instantly.

As bank transfers can take up to five business days and international bank transfers take even longer, the efficiency of Bitcoin transactions makes it quick and easy to jump straight into a Bitcoin online casino game.

Online casinos can also benefit from accepting Bitcoin due to its lower overhead fees and the lower risk of payment fraud as transactions are non-reversible.

The lower transaction fees also benefit Bitcoin casino players when they wish to make withdrawals from their preferred online casino as it allows them to keep more of their winnings.

Bitcoin is considered one of the most secure digital currencies due to its blockchain system and high level of encryption which make it a safe way to play online casino games.

As long as users keep their private keys protected, they will not have to worry as much about someone stealing funds from their Bitcoin wallet. Furthermore, the complex encryption system also dissuades phishing attempts.

Another benefit of Bitcoin is that it retains its user’s anonymity and privacy. In short, Bitcoin casino players are free to enjoy their favourite online casino games with the peace of mind that their identity is kept safe.

With all of these benefits that come with playing online casino games with Bitcoin, it’s no wonder that they work so well together.

To learn about how Bitcoin and other established cryptocurrencies have been integrated into EmuCasino, check out our cryptocurrencies page.