How to play with Crypto Currencies

Find out how you can play all your favorite casino games online, using Crypto currencies as a quick, easy and anonymous deposit and withdrawal solution.

Why use Crypto for depositing and withdrawing?

Unlike more traditional methods, such as credit cards, vouchers or bank transfers, Crypto currencies are a tangible and transferable asset that has universal application internationally. Some if of its advantages over other methods include:

  • Deposit instantly
    • Within 30 mins or less usually*
  • Quick withdrawals
    • Receive the money into your account within 30 mins from us sending
  • Anonymous & private
    • Only you will know about your transactions, no one else
  • No KYC required
    • No potential security risks from sharing a payment method details
  • No restrictions or limitations
    • Cards often block or reject payments
    • Banks ask questions and withhold on withdrawals
    • Max monthly limits often apply on traditional methods
    • Can be used regardless of country

How to deposit with Crypto?


When you first come to make a deposit with Crypto currencies, you will need to enter and register your own dedicated Crypto wallet address first.

This address will then be set to your Emu account and always used to process your withdrawals to, for every withdrawal you make in the future.

This is to prevent, (in the event that anyone got unauthorized access to your account) 3rd parties from sending your funds elsewhere > to a different crypto wallet that is not yours.

You can get your unique Crypto wallet address through your wallet, usually by clicking receive – whereupon a unique Crypto address is created for you, to then copy and paste into your EmuCasino Account.

Once your withdrawal address is registered, you can follow the below steps each time to make a deposit:

  • Click deposit
  • Choose the Crypto method and amount
  • You will then be given a unique Crypto wallet address to send funds to
  • Copy this new address
  • Login to your Crypto wallet
  • Go to the send section, Click send
  • Paste the address you copied from your EmuAccount
  • Enter the exact amount as given in your EmuAccount
  • Click send
  • The funds are then sent to your EmuAccount
  • Once they arrive, you will see a notification confirming

As with all Crypto transaction, please double check everything first to make sure all addresses and other details are correct.

Watch our below video guide on how to Deposit with Crypto

How to receive withdrawals?

Making a withdrawal with Crypto is very straight forward.

Once you’ve made your first deposit and registered your “receive” Crypto address, simply:

  • Click on profile, then withdraw
  • Choose the Crypto method and amount
  • Click withdrawal
  • The funds will then be sent directly to the Receive address you added on your first deposit

Watch our below video guide on how to Withdrawal with Crypto

What are Crypto Currencies?

Crypto currencies are digital currencies that can be bought and sold online, through your phone or computer with almost all regular Fiat currencies for most countries including US Dollars, Euro’s, Pounds Sterling and many, many others.

Additionally, as well as Fiat, it’s also possible to exchange/buy/sell other Crypto currencies between each other too, so for example purchasing Bitcoin with Ethereum.

Nowadays, most Crypto currencies are purchased at Crypto exchanges or through wallets, where you buy/sell the Crypto to your desired set amount, at the current market rate to Fiat/Crypto you want to exchange.

Once you have the currency in your Crypto wallet, you can simply send a specified amount/value of Crypto to a recipient and they will receive the money directly. They then change this back (if they chose to) to Fiat on their end.

EmuCasino accepts a few different Cryptos including:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • USDt (Tether)
  • USDc
  • Dai

You can both fund and withdrawal from your Fiat EmuCasino account, through your Crypto wallet using Crypto currencies as a deposit and withdrawal method with minimum fuss.

What are Crypto Addresses?

Money is sent using a unique “address” that is supplied by the recipient.

This address is a unique string of characters that represents a wallet, that can send and receive a cryptocurrency. It is similar to a real-life address, bank account number or email (which Paypal use as an identifier). Most wallets can generate new addresses and may have multiple unique addresses tying into one account.


Play in your chosen Crypto currency

Another option for EmuCasino customers is for them to use the Crypto currency itself as your player currency. So rather than having to change from your Crypto currency into Fiat, it is now possible to setup a Crypto currency as your actual player currency.

On Registration, simply select the Crypto Currency of choice, to set this as your player currency.

The advantages of this, are that there are no Crypto to Fiat exchanges involved (just sending the amount to your Crypto EmuCasino account) so no fear of losing out on any exchange rate fluctuations.

It is however worth understanding exactly how the decimal places work with non-stable coin currencies like Bitcoin, in advance, as this is slightly different to what you might be used to with Fiat.

Play in Stable Coins

Stable coins are a good option, as these are pegged close to the US Dollar and don’t have some of the extreme fluctuations of other Crypto currencies. They also generally appear the same as regular Fiat currencies in your game play and transaction history, so are easier for new comers of Crypto to get used to.

It is possible to setup your EmuCasino account in the below Crypto currencies:

  • USDt (Tether)
  • USDc
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • Dai


How to obtain Crypto

If you’re familiar with Ewallets or even online banking, then setting up a personal Crypto wallet account is as easy as this. Simply sign up to one of the reputed and established Crypto exchanges and when ready, purchase/exchange your fiat for the set desired amount.

The registration process for each wallet might be slightly different, but there are some common factors during registration with a bitcoin wallet which we have listed below.

  • Go to your chosen Crypto Exchange website
  • Register for an account as per any normal sign up process
  • Once registered, you are typically then signed into your Crypto wallet account straight away
  • Once setup, you will be able to buy/sell Crypto straight from your account as well as send and request bitcoins to other bitcoin users
  • Some wallets and exchanges may require further verification of your identity depending on the wallet and amount of activity

There are numerous Crypto wallets available online and below we have listed some of the more popular and secure online wallets. We would suggest you use an established and reputable Exchange and then keep your currency on your own wallet separately:

Additional to online wallets, there are also some Crypto ATMs available in certain countries and you can use these machines to purchase bitcoins with Cash.

The instructions are normally straightforward and you will receive a receipt with a code. Scanning or inputting this code in your bitcoin wallet will add the bitcoin to your wallet.

To find the nearest Bitcoin ATM, click here.

How to fund your Emu Account using Crypto

Once you have exchanged your local Fiat into Crypto you can then send this to your Emu Account. The below, is a guide on how to fund your Emu Account using Crypto as a payment method:

  • Log into your Emu account and select deposit on the top right side of your screen
  • From the list of payment methods, select your chosen Crypto currency (that you have funds on your wallet with)
  • Then choose your bonus if applicable
  • Then select your deposit amount
  • Our Crypto payment platform will then open, where you will then need to enter your Crypto address registered with your Crypto wallet on first use(this is then fixed to your account)
  • You will then be given a Crypto address to send the funds to
  • Simply send the desired funds from your Wallet to the Crypto address supplied
  • Once you click deposit, the Crypto platform will process your payment and your funds will be available as soon as the block chain confirms 3 times (subject to your wallet/exchange, can take 20 mins, usually a lot quicker)

Crypto & Bitcoin history

One of the first Crypto currencies was Bitcoin and this was publicly introduced in early 2009 and quickly became available in numerous countries with varying merchants accepting this form of currency as a payment option.

Bitcoins are created through mining which required a special algorithm from “Miners”. Anyone who is able to solve the algorithm with their computer is able to obtain bitcoin, however it is a complex mathematic code and these days most people do not mine Crypto any longer, unless they have the advanced computing infrastructure to do so.

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that can be exchanged on the internet with a network system of ledger (records) where all transactions are recorded across the entire network.

With Bitcoins, monetary transactions are dealt directly from person to person with no banks or clearing houses involved regardless of country or location.

The most common method is using Bitcoin online exchanges and wallets to exchange them with all major currencies of the world.

* Subject to varying times of your wallet or exchange

Check out the below New York Times video for a good explanation in more detail of how Crypto Currencies work