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Play the Best Online Roulette Table Games

The above is a compilation of all the currently available online roulette table games that players can play on their web browsers at EmuCasino. They’ve been listed based on popularity and can be filtered as well as sorted per your requirement. To make it easier for you to find the specific title you are looking for, you can sort the online roulette games alphabetically or reverse-alphabetically and filter them based on the provider that created them. Simply click or tap on any of the icons above to enjoy your chosen online roulette game in no-download, instant-play mode.

A Basic Introduction to the Online Table Game Roulette

One of the most recognisable casino games in the world be it online or offline, roulette is paradoxically one of the simplest yet also one of the most intricate table games in existence. This is best exemplified by the roulette table itself which has the game’s iconic wheel with its straightforward mechanics and the cloth-covered area with its myriad betting options.

Like most other table games, roulette is played on a one-to-one basis in that all the action that happens is strictly between you, the roulette wheel and the croupier which is the specific title given to a roulette dealer. Just as in the movies and television shows, any number of people can play at the same roulette table and take part in the same roulette round but everyone’s bets are independent of each other. The same goes for online roulette with its digital tables and even live roulette games; your bets, losses and wins have no bearing on those of another player and neither do theirs affect yours.

Roulette was already a mainstay in nearly every land-based casino in the modern era but when the internet first started to become readily available, so too did online roulette around the mid-nineties. Since the day that first online incarnation set up its digital roulette table, online roulette has taken its real-world counterpart’s reputation and popularity to new heights at every turn.

In light of all this technological innovation, EmuCasino offers its players as many as six different variations of online roulette which includes both European and American roulette in a wide range of formats such as single player roulette, a multi-wheel version and 3D-rendered models.

What to Know Before Playing Online Roulette

At its core, online roulette is a simple game to understand so both veterans and beginners alike can enjoy it in equal amounts. Whichever of those two groups you may belong to, playing an online roulette table game where you put your money on one of the many possible variations of where that little white ball might land is a memorable experience that you will never forget!

With so many different betting options available which might seem overwhelming to newcomers, it is important to keep in mind that the choice and strategy of what to bet on is yours to choose. On top of that, just remember that it is ultimately a game of numbers so it would help to watch the previous rounds’ results and hedge your bets wisely.

Every online roulette table has the same standard layout where the roulette wheel is on one end of the table while the rest of the space called the layout has the betting options regardless of which variation is being played. This is because the differences that set each variation apart from one another are to be found in the finer details such as the design of the roulette wheel.

Understanding the Core Rules of Online Roulette

The basic rules of online roulette where the table layout is concerned can be summed up as below:

  • All numbers on the roulette table layout except for 0 are divided into three columns.
  • This results in the numbers also being arranged into twelve rows where the first row contains the numbers 1, 2 and 3, the second contains the numbers 4, 5 and 6, and so on.
  • The rest of the online roulette table layout includes several different words, phrases and symbols that represent the other kinds of bets you can place.

Exploring the Standard Betting Options in Online Roulette

As mentioned above, the betting options in online roulette revolve around the numbers on the roulette wheel but also cover groupings of possible results that are broader in nature. The former options are referred to as inside bets while the latter options are referred to as outside bets.

The possible inside bets that can be placed in an online roulette game are as follows:

  • Single/Straight: A single number
  • Split: Two numbers that are vertically or horizontally adjacent to one another
  • Street: Three consecutive numbers on the same row
  • Corner/Square: Four numbers that are clustered together in one corner and form a square
  • Six Line/Double Street: Six consecutive numbers on two consecutive rows
  • Trio/Basket: Three numbers that include at least one zero or double-zero
  • First Four: The numbers 0, 1, 2 and 3 (only available in single-zero layouts)
  • Top Line: The numbers 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3 (only available in double-zero layouts)

Meanwhile, the possible outside bets in an online roulette game are as follows:

  • 1 to 18 or 19 to 36: The number will be within the 1-18 range or the 19-36 range
  • Red or Black: The number’s colour will be either red or black
  • Even or Odd: The number will be an even one such as 2, 4 and so on or an odd one such as 1, 3 and so on
  • Dozen Bet: The number will be within the first (1-12), second (13-24) or third (25-36) dozen ranges
  • Column Bet: The number will be in either of the layout’s three columns (1 down to 34, 2 down to 35 or 3 down to 36)
  • Snake Bet: The numbers 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32, and 34, so named because of the snake-like pattern the numbers create as they zigzag across the layout (Please note that this betting option is not available in all online roulette games.)

Examining the Basic Gameplay of Online Roulette

Every online roulette game begins when a player puts their money down on any of the myriad betting options that are on the table. As the player, you have the option to choose how many chances of winning you want your bet to cover; the more numbers you cover, the lower your odds will get. In short, the higher you increase your chances of winning, the lower your winnings will be should the roulette wheel spin in your favour.

Regardless of the variation, all online roulette game rounds follow the exact same sequence of events:

  • Players place their chosen bet(s) on the results of the current roulette round.
  • They click the ‘Spin’ button to confirm their bet(s) and start the actual gameplay part of the round.
  • As the roulette ball spins around the roulette wheel, they watch and wait until it lands and stops in any one of the roulette wheel’s pockets.
  • Depending on the results, they will either collect their winnings or lose their bets.
  • The current round ends and a new one begins.

Depending on your bet, you will win if you have covered the winning number in any way be it in full, by half or even as little as a quarter of it. If you bet on black or red, you have almost a 50/50 chance to double your money. The one exception is if the winning number is zero which also happens to be the green pocket; if this happens, all bets on the rest of the board which is either red or black will lose.

How to Play No-Download Online Roulette for Free

At EmuCasino, you can play online roulette for free thanks to our practice mode which we call Demo Play. It allows you to test and familiarise yourself with all the different versions of online roulette we offer and find out which one you prefer without spending a single bit of real cash. To play our free online roulette for fun, simply choose the game that catches your fancy and click or tap on its icon to play it. You can try it out for as long as you like and if you run out of free credits or fun money, simply load the game again and your free funds will be completely replenished.

Join in on the fun today at EmuCasino and play the very best online roulette games that the online casino industry has to offer without having to download anything or go through any cumbersome installation process. Clicking or tapping on whichever of our online roulette games you have picked will simply load it right on your web browser. In fact, you don’t need to be logged in or even registered at EmuCasino to try them as our no-download Demo Play option works for all our online roulette games except for our live roulette games!

The Online Roulette Variations and How They Differ

As previously mentioned, there are several variations of online roulette to match the game’s real-life variations. The overall rules are generally the same but there are several small but key differences that have a clear effect on the table layout and your betting options. Below are the online roulette variations and what sets them apart from one another.

European Roulette

Arguably the most popular variation of online roulette, European roulette likely owes its fan favourite status among roulette players to the fact that it has the lowest house edge among the online roulette variations. This is due to its roulette wheel having a single zero pocket which vastly increases the chances of the ball landing in a numbered pocket.

American Roulette

The detail that easily sets American roulette apart from the other online roulette variations is its additional zero pocket which is labelled as double-zero. This additional pocket significantly increases the house edge and is the reason why many prefer European roulette instead.

French Roulette

Unsurprisingly, French roulette is incredibly similar to European roulette with the same single-zero pocket roulette wheel design. The difference between both variations lies in the additional side bets that can be made on number groupings which revolve around the different sections of the roulette wheel.

Get the Live Casino Experience with Live Roulette Games

Just as with the large majority of online casino games, the bulk of online roulette games available are fully digital from the table where players place their bets to the roulette wheel in which the ball spins around. As a result, there are some roulette fans who crave the human touch traditionally associated with their favourite table game but still wish to enjoy the convenience of playing it online.

Fortunately for them, technological advancements in the online casino industry have allowed for the creation of live casino games which have live dealers standing at physical tables dealing cards or spinning wheels. As they work in shifts throughout the day not unlike land-based casinos, players all around the world can always count on there being a live roulette game running no matter the hour, the location or even the device being used. If you happen to be an online roulette fan interested in exploring the world of live casino games, feel free to give our live roulette games a try today!

Claim Our Online Roulette Promotions and Bonuses

If you are a fan of both online roulette and live casino games, you will be pleased to know that newly registered players from New Zealand and Canada are eligible for our special Live Casino Welcome Bonus. By claiming it, you will receive a 100% match deposit bonus up to $150 which you can use on almost all our live casino games including live roulette.

Keep an eye out for future promotions and bonuses dedicated to online roulette that will enable you to enjoy your favourite online casino table game even more. There is a chance that we will offer these online casino bonuses on special occasions such as the launch of a new online casino game provider that has online roulette games so make sure to pay attention to those as well. We might even have the occasional online roulette race where you get a chance to win extra bucks just based on the number of times you play regardless of whether you win or lose.

Learn Helpful Tips and Strategies for Online Roulette

While it has been established that online roulette, like its real-world counterpart, is an incredibly simple game to play once you understand all the betting options, that does not mean that there is no strategy whatsoever involved in the game. These strategies do not involve the roulette wheel as its operation cannot be influenced by the player but rather the aforementioned wide range of betting options available in online roulette.

First of all, many players prefer to play European roulette or even French roulette instead of American roulette due to the smaller house edge both those variations have in comparison. Furthermore, some choose French roulette over European roulette as it offers them even more betting options and thus more flexibility in the placement of their bets. Meanwhile, those who want to experiment with inventive approaches to online roulette will likely prefer other options like the astrology-inspired Astro Roulette or the football-based Penalty Roulette.

The next important step that any online roulette player should take is to consider their budget for every gameplay session and ensure that they stick to it. This means paying attention to how little and how much they are willing to bet on every round. Depending on the amount, they may have to examine all the online roulette games available before they choose which one to play as each game is likely to have its own range of minimum and maximum possible bet amounts. Additionally, they should take advantage of any bonuses they can claim and use in order to fully maximise the duration and potential profitability of their gameplay session.

However, the main strategy when it comes to playing online roulette naturally revolves entirely around the game’s many betting options. Each player’s strategy is very likely to differ from that of another player as it primarily depends on how much risk they are willing to take in order to win. Those who favour playing it safe will prefer betting options with more favourable odds such as choosing either red or black even if this means they only double their winnings if they bet correctly. Meanwhile, those who like to go all in will pick more targeted betting options like a specific number because doing so will give them a huge payout if they win.

It’s possible to find all sorts of strategic ideas for roulette online that it can end up being completely bewildering but don’t let this deter you as online roulette is one of the easiest online casino table games to understand and pick up. Simply place your wagers on any of the number and colour combinations that appear on the roulette wheel, wait for the spin to start and then cross your fingers!

Discover the Riveting History of Roulette

The original primitive incarnation of roulette is thought to have been created in the 17th century by famed French mathematician Blaise Pascal during his pursuit of a perpetual motion machine. Its concept was rooted in a combination of a gaming wheel created in 1720 and an Italian number-based game of chance called Biribi.

However, it was only in the 18th century that the first form of roulette as it is known today was created in France with evidence it was already being played as early as 1796 in Paris. Interestingly, there were two zero-number pockets and the single zero pocket was red in colour while the double-zero pocket was black in colour at the beginning. It was only at the start of the 1800s that the pockets’ colours were changed to green to avoid confusion.

The next significant change to roulette came in 1843 courtesy of the twin brothers Francois and Louis Blanc who originally hailed from France and were working in the German spa casino town Bad Homburg vor der Hohe. In an effort to compete with other casinos using the traditional roulette wheel which had the two zero-number pockets, they introduced the single-zero design which reduced the game’s house edge. (One legend states that Francois Blanc sold his soul to the devil in return for the secrets to the game. While this at first appears to be a very strange tale to tell, it starts to gain some shred of credence when you realise that the total of all the numbers on the roulette table add up to 666, the number of the devil.)

Meanwhile in the United States, the double-zero roulette wheel had gained an additional pocket with an American eagle in the place of a number. However, this addition did not last for long and the roulette wheel eventually returned to its two-zero design.

Roulette experienced a meteoric rise in popularity across both Europe and the United States in the 19th century to become one of the most famous and iconic casino games around. When gambling was abolished by the German government in the 1860s, the Blanc family moved to Monte Carlo which had Europe’s last legal casino operation. There, they established a gambling mecca that catered to Europe’s elite class and subsequently popularised the single-zero roulette wheel to such an extent that it became the premier game and spread across the globe except the United States.

Today, American roulette’s double-zero wheel is prevalent in the Americas and the Caribbean while the single-zero wheel used in European and French roulette is used everywhere else.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Roulette

Is roulette based on luck or skill?

Roulette is a game of pure luck, making it the perfect game for beginners or players who would prefer not to get bogged down by choosing between different strategies or memorising game rules.

Can I play online roulette on mobile?

Yes, you can play online roulette on EmuCasino using your chosen mobile or tablet device. EmuCasino's roulette games can be played directly through your device's web browser without the need to download any additional apps.

Can I play online roulette for free?

Yes, EmuCasino allows players to play online roulette games for free through the Demo Play option. All you have to do to play online roulette for free is to click on any roulette game that you're interested in while logged out of your account and click 'Demo play'.

What are the differences between European, American, and French Roulette?

European Roulette has only one single zero pocket compared to American Roulette which has an additional zero pocket called the double-zero pocket. French Roulette, like European Roulette, has one single zero pocket but features additional side bets that can be made on different number groupings based on the sections of the roulette wheel.

Is online roulette fair?

Yes. Online roulette uses Random Number Generators (RNGs) to produce fair and random results for every spin.

What is the best bet in roulette?

As the results in roulette are completely random, it is hard to say with certainty that there is such a thing as a 'best' bet. However, the bet with the highest payout is a straight bet (i.e. betting on a specific number) as it pays 35:1. Outside bets cover more numbers and will therefore appear more frequently but will have lower payouts as a result.

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