ec-content-visual-vip-club-faqDo you have questions about EmuCasino’s VIP Club?

Then you will find this handy list of frequently asked questions and their prepared answers most helpful!

What are the benefits that I will enjoy as a VIP Club member?

Every VIP Club member will be able to enjoy a wide number and range of exclusive privileges the second they join. These benefits include:

  • Exclusive offers which include bonuses and bonus codes
  • Low wagering requirements and high max bet values
  • VIP-only events
  • More EmuPoints being awarded
  • Higher deposit and withdrawal limits
  • Other perks including a dedicated host

You can learn more about the exclusive bonuses available to VIPs by checking out our VIP exclusive bonuses page.

More information about our VIP-exclusive events can be found on our exclusive VIP events page.

What kind of services can I expect from my VIP Club host?

EmuCasino’s VIP Club has two dedicated hosts and every VIP player can expect the absolute best possible service from both of them.

Mia and Paul are great listeners and they will adapt accordingly based on the feedback and requests they receive from the VIP Club members they service. As such, you can expect your dedicated host to cater to your every need on an individual and personal basis.

Over time, they will be able to come up with and offer a fully customised plan that is perfectly tailored to suit you and your VIP Club needs.

Additionally, they are excellent conversationalists and are available for casual chats about the non-VIP Club topics they are interested in at any time.

Meet the VIP Club hosts and find out more about them on our VIP hosts page.

Will joining the VIP Club have any effect on the EmuPoints I collect?

While the VIP Club and our EmuPoints loyalty program are two separate ways in which we reward our loyal players, they are in fact connected.

First and foremost, collecting EmuPoints is the established method through which any EmuCasino player can earn a membership in our VIP Club.

The collected EmuPoints will not decrease even when they are spent at the EmuShop so you do not have to worry about losing your VIP Club membership if you happen to enjoy purchasing rewards like match deposit bonuses, free spins and bonus cash from the EmuShop.

Additionally, you will be able to collect even more EmuPoints for wagering the exact same amount on your favourite online casino games as regular players and can look forward to your very own exclusive VIP EmuShop in the near future.

To learn more about the exclusive EmuPoints-related benefits that VIP Club members enjoy compared to regular players, check out the VIP EmuPoints and EmuShop page.

How fast is the withdrawal process for VIP Club members?

Among the numerous special privileges that VIP players can enjoy is the ability to withdraw their funds more quickly and efficiently compared to regular EmuCasino players.

To put things into perspective, all VIP Club members will be able to receive their funds within 24 hours of starting the withdrawal process.

If that is still not fast enough, you will be pleased to know that you can get in touch with your dedicated VIP Club host who will be able to help expedite you withdrawals so that you receive your funds even faster.

Do VIP Club members receive exclusive access to games?

The short answer is yes, VIP players who have one specific favourite online casino game can request and receive exclusive access to it at EmuCasino.

That means that they will be the only ones who can play it on our online casino site while other regular and even VIP players will not be able to so much as find the title in question when they search our online casino game library.

To take advantage of this special privilege, you will simply have to get in touch with your dedicated VIP Club host and make your request; before you know it, you will be the only EmuCasino player who can play that particular game.

Aside from that, all VIP Club members may also be granted the chance to preview new game launches or titles from a new provider and play those new games before they are officially launched and available to all EmuCasino players.

Why was the VIP Club created?

EmuCasino values all of its players and strives to give them the best of everything from an ever-expanding online casino game library to an excellent user experience while they are on our site.

Nevertheless, we felt that we should go the extra mile for our most loyal players so we created the VIP Club and granted them membership in it before using it as an avenue to gift them the range of exclusive privileges mentioned above.

Can anyone become a member of the VIP Club?

Yes, anyone can become a VIP Club member! The moment a new player completes their registration at EmuCasino, they will be automatically opted into our EmuPoints loyalty program and can start collecting EmuPoints immediately.

The more EmuPoints a player has, the higher their loyalty level will be and they will more than likely find themselves one step away from becoming a VIP Club member before they know it.

While there are certain criteria that must be met before an EmuCasino player can receive their VIP Club membership and all the benefits that come with it, there is no need to fret; we are always keeping an eye out for anyone we think absolutely deserves to be in The VIP Club. Once we have identified such a player, we will waste no time in rolling the red carpet out for them.

On that note, we at EmuCasino also recognise that there is a difference between a VIP and someone who simply has a problem with compulsive gambling. For more information on that, please see our views on responsible gambling.

ec-content-visual-vip-club-eddy-and-dingoStill haven’t found the answers you are looking for?

Then contact your dedicated VIP Club host and they will be able to sort things out for you!

We want your experience here at EmuCasino to be as fun, hassle-free and exclusive as possible and as such are always available to give you the help you need no matter the situation.

Once everything is sorted out, you will be able to continue playing in peace so don’t hesitate to reach out!