Becoming a member of my exclusive VIP Club means you gain access to a ton of amazing perks and one of them is getting invitations to exclusive VIP-only events which have amazing rewards and prizes!

ec-content-visual-vip-club-vip-eventsIt’s important to me that I make sure that being a VIP is not just a title but also a means of enjoying an even more exciting and rewarding experience when said VIP plays their favourite games with me. That’s why I’ve devised an array of exhilarating activities aside from my usual seasonal events that are only open to members of my VIP Club!

It’s my humble opinion that nothing brings a community together quite like a little friendly competition and that sentiment applies to my VIP Club as well. In fact, quite a few of my VIP friends expressed an interest in having some way they could challenge each other one-on-one (or al least among themselves) and I was more than happy to oblige.

The answer was simple: create events that included everything from private tournaments to exclusive casino races that only my dear VIP friends could enjoy to their hearts’ content!

Of course, I have to make sure that every last one of these events are well worth their time so I’ve stocked each one with plenty of amazing prizes waiting to be earned. The way I see it, they’re tokens of my appreciation for all the continued support they’ve given me and the fun times we have together. These prizes include:

  • Real cash
  • Bonus cash
  • No deposit free spins
  • And more!

Excited and eager to win? Then let’s dive into the type of events every VIP Club member can look forward to on a satisfyingly regular basis!

VIP Standoff


Face off against other VIP Club members in this exhilarating slot-spinning competition!

  • Accept the invitation to join the VIP Standoff
  • Submit your avatar
  • Log in during the quarter-finals and play your preferred slot game
  • Winners will receive a prize and advance to the semi-finals
  • Semi-finals winners will receive an even better prize and advance to the grand finals
  • The top prize will be awarded to the grand finals winner
VIP Standoff Details

Similar to other head-to-head tournaments across the globe like the World Cup, EmuCasino’s VIP Standoff is an event that sees VIPs going against each other in one-on-one matches for several rounds until only one is left. The winner of each round is decided by a predetermined criteria such as their highest win multiplier or most spins in a given period and they proceed to the next stage until the final two VIPs battle it out for the grand prize.

Before a VIP Standoff begins, eligible VIP players will be informed by their VIP Club host that the tournament will be starting soon and they can choose to participate in it if they so wish. If the VIP player accepts the invitation, they will be requested to provide an image which will then be used as their avatar for the duration of the tournament. (This image must be of a certain minimum size as it will otherwise appear distorted on the tournament page; meanwhile, large images will be resized to fit the page’s preset dimensions.)

At present, only the first eight VIP players who accept the invitation will be eligible to join the VIP Standoff. However, should there be a significant number of VIPs who express interest in joining the tournament in the future, the number of available slots may be increased accordingly.

Once the participating players have sent their preferred avatar images, they will be matched up at random and informed when the first round will begin. The four quarter-finals matches will happen concurrently and run for an average of three days. Those who win this round will receive a special preset prize which can be bonus cash or no deposit free spins and advance to the next round where they will once again be randomly matched up.

The players who emerge victorious in the semi-finals will again receive a special preset prize which will be more impressive than the one before and advance to the grand finals. This time, the winner will be crowned the champion of the VIP Standoff and receive the most impressive prize of all which will be a set amount of real cash.

Below is a list of our past VIP Standoff tournaments:

To find out more about this fun exclusive event, check out our VIP Standoff page.

Last Man Standing


Go head-to-head with fellow Gold members in this thrilling slot contest!

  • Accept the invitation to join Last Man Standing
  • Choose and submit your avatar
  • Log in and play your preferred slot game during the quarter-finals
  • Winners will advance to the semi-finals and receive a prize
  • An even better prize will be awarded to the semi-finals winners who will also advance to the grand finals
  • The grand finals winner will receive the top prize
Last Man Standing Details

Similar to the VIP Standoff, the Last Man Standing event pits Gold members against each other as they all spin their way to the grand prize. Gold members will face off against each other in a series of one-on-one rounds. The winner of each round is decided based on certain criteria which could be the total number of spins or highest win multiplier. Winners will then proceed to the next stage of the tournament until they reach the grand finals where only the two last Gold members remain.

Before a Last Man Standing tournament begins, eligible Gold members will be sent an invitation to join the event via their dedicated VIP Club host. If the player chooses to accept, they will then be asked to provide a fun avatar for the purposes of the event. (The avatar needs to meet a minimum size requirement or it will look distorted when displayed on the tournament page; on the other hand, large images are acceptable as they will simply be resized accordingly to fit the required dimensions.)

Currently, only the first eight Gold members who accept the invitation will be able to join Last Man Standing. If there is more interest in the future, the number of slots will be increased accordingly.

Winners from each round will receive a special prize which will get better each round until the grand finals. The winner of the grand finals will be titled the Last Man Standing and receive an amazing real cash prize!

Below is a list of our previous Last Man Standing tournaments:

Learn more about this exciting exclusive tournament in our Last Man Standing page.

VIP-Exclusive Casino Races


Put the pedal to the metal in our VIP-only casino races which have even bigger prize pools to win from!

  • Be invited to take part in the upcoming VIP-only casino race
  • Play your preferred slot game during the casino race period
  • Earn points and climb the leaderboard
  • Win and claim your share of the real cash prize pool
VIP Casino Race Details

Established and even some new players should be familiar with EmuCasino’s casino races which run every week and offer set amounts of bonus cash or real cash as prize pools. These regular casino races are popular even among VIP Club members who have most likely ranked on and won at least once throughout the history of this exciting and rewarding recurring event.

Because of this, we have established the VIP Golden Grand Prix, a series of exclusive casino races that are only open to a select number of our VIP and Gold players. Those who receive an invitation to participate in these casino races will stand a chance to win from lucrative real cash prize pools simply by playing their favourite slot games.

Every qualifying spin will earn them points that will determine their rank on the leaderboard and the top players on said leaderboard at the end of the casino race will receive a set share of the real cash prize pool based on their position.

Below is a list of our past VIP Golden Grand Prix casino races:

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Our past, current and upcoming regular casino races can be viewed on our casino races page.