Nothing says VIP treatment like having someone wait on you hand and foot so it’s no surprise that the VIP Club has exclusive hosts ready to do just that for all its members!

I’m quite fond of being doted on feather and claw because it really makes me feel like quite the celebrity (which I am especially here in my own home). Of course, I like to make sure my best friends are pampered with that same level of 5-star treatment.

While the VIP Club already has a lot to offer, I knew the way to make it really special was to give my best friends the top-of-the-line service that they deserve.

The first thing on my agenda to make that a reality was to rope in some amazing individuals who can give my VIP friends all the help they need as quickly as possible.

Allow me to introduce Mia and Paul, my fantastic friends who are the VIP Club’s exclusive hosts! They will be available to assist their designated VIP Club members any time and any day or even if all that is desired is a friendly chat. Come and get to know them!

Introducing the VIP Club Hosts



My email: [email protected]

Live chat:

What you should know about me:

I love food – Asian food especially – and love cooking up a storm for my family even more. When I’m not checking out a new restaurant or trying a new dish in the kitchen, I’m taking care of my 7 fur kids that I adore with all my heart.

Aside from whatever casino needs you might have, feel free to buzz me about my fur parent experiences or ask me for some recipes.



My email: [email protected]

Live chat:

What you should know about me:

I’m the type of guy who believes in maintaining a good mind, body and soul balance so I love to train my body and mind while having fun. As such, I spend whatever time I can spare travelling, working out and working out while travelling.

Come to me if you have any questions relating to the casino, my workout routines, the places I’ve been and my travel experiences.

VIP Club members can also contact their designated hosts through their exclusive WhatsApp and Skype accounts which will be made available to VIP Club members based on which host has been assigned to which player.

We are also happy to announce that we are working hard to make other contact methods available soon.

Exclusive Benefits Provided by the VIP Club Hosts

As mentioned above, the VIP Club hosts are always available to provide any much-needed assistance or serve as a friendly conversation partner but that is far from all that they do.

They offer a range of impressive and welcome privileges which are detailed below.

Exclusive Bonuses as Gifts

ec-content-visual-vip-club-vip-bonus-giftsEvery now and then, VIP Club members can look forward to receiving a special gift from their dedicated host which come in the form of bonuses that have been prepared exclusively for them.

These exclusive bonuses can be any of the following:

  • Match deposit bonuses
  • Free spins
  • Daily cashbacks
  • Bonus cash
  • No deposit free spins
  • Reload bonuses
  • Match bonus-free spins bonus combos
  • Weekly cash drops
  • Free spins drops
  • EmuPoints
  • Loyalty bonuses

As such, you are encouraged to keep in touch with your dedicated host; after all, you never know when they decide to gift you an exclusive bonus or two!

To learn more about the exclusive bonuses given out to VIP Club members, check out our VIP-exclusive bonuses page.

Invitations to Exclusive Events

ec-content-visual-vip-club-vip-event-invitationsEmuCasino will occasionally host special events that are only available to a select few members of our VIP Club.

Those fortunate enough to be selected to join these events will receive an invitation from their dedicated VIP Club host; if you end up being one of the lucky individuals, all you have to do is accept that invitation and you’ll have confirmed your spot in the event in question.

As these events are usually competitive in nature, you will find them particularly appealing if activities like our casino races are a favourite of yours and the concept of going up against other VIP players intrigues you.

These events currently range from tournaments to casino races and each one offers lucrative rewards which include:

  • Real cash
  • Bonus cash
  • No deposit free spins
  • And more!

More information about these VIP-only events can be found on our VIP-exclusive events page.

Expedited Withdrawals

ec-content-visual-vip-club-faster-withdrawalsAll VIP Club members automatically enjoy a speedier withdrawal period of within 24 hours compared to regular EmuCasino players from the moment they receive their membership.

However, you can receive your funds even faster than that if you are exceptionally eager to collect your winnings.

All you have to do is contact your dedicated VIP Club host and they can expedite the process for you.

Yes, it really is that easy!

Exclusive Access to Games

ec-content-visual-vip-club-exclusive-game-accessDo you have a favourite online casino game that you wish you could have all to yourself?

Wish no more because our VIP Club hosts can make it happen!

Simply contact your dedicated host and make your request while identifying the specific game you would like to have access to exclusively.

Once your request has been granted, you will be the only one who can access the game at EmuCasino.

Meanwhile, other players will not even be able to see much less find it in our vast online casino game library.

Help with the VIP Refer a Friend Program

ec-content-visual-vip-club-refer-a-friend-mia-helpIf you want to introduce someone to EmuCasino and subsequently take advantage of our VIP Refer a Friend program, your dedicated VIP Club host will be your guide as well as your ticket to all the amazing benefits you will get from that referral!

Simply get in touch with your dedicated host, provide the necessary information and enjoy playing with your new fellow EmuCasino player while you make full use of your referral rewards which include:

  • A cash bonus
  • Bonus cash
  • Weekly cash drops

To find out more about the special Refer a Friend program available only to VIP Club members, check out our VIP Refer a Friend program page.