It’s often said that sharing is caring and at EmuCasino, nowhere does that sentiment apply more than the Refer a Friend program available to VIP Club members!

ec-content-visual-vip-club-refer-a-friendThe VIP Club exists to pamper EmuCasino’s most loyal players with the very best that we have to offer and that comes in the form of a wide variety of exclusive perks.

Since we have considered that some of our VIP players might be feelings charitable where their privileges are concerned and wish to share the EmuCasino experience with people they know in real life, we have developed a solution to this issue – one that even rewards those who invite their family members or friends to become an EmuCasino player like them.

Introducing the VIP Refer a Friend program, your ticket to not only having someone to play with who you already know but also amazing rewards in the form of bonuses for both you and the friend you referred!

To paraphrase a popular saying, the friend of my friend – VIP Club members like you, in this case – is our friend too so you can count on us to roll out the red carpet for them the way we do for you!

A Guide on How to Refer a Friend

ec-content-visual-vip-club-refer-a-friend-paul-helpReferring a friend to EmuCasino’s VIP Club and by extension EmuCasino as a whole is easier than it sounds and promises to be as rewarding for you as it will be for them.

Here are the simple steps you need to follow in order to refer a family member or friend to us:

  • Provide your friend’s full name or email address to your dedicated VIP Club host; you can reach out to them using any of the contact methods provided on the VIP Club hosts page
  • Mia or Paul will take note of this information and extend the 5-star treatment to the friend you referred once they have registered an account with us
  • Let your friend know and remind them to sign up so that they can receive their exclusive perks and instant Gold loyalty level
  • Have fun playing at EmuCasino with your friend and new fellow EmuCasino player!

VIP Benefits of the VIP Refer a Friend Program

ec-content-visual-vip-club-emailWhen you make use of our VIP Refer a Friend program, we are immensely grateful for yet another sign of how much you love playing with us and want to make it clear to you that the sentiment is not one-sided.

This gratitude on our part is expressed in a way that we are sure you will appreciate immensely: wonderful bonuses as rewards for every milestone that the friend you introduced clears!

The following lists the bonuses you will receive when your referred friend clears the specified milestones:

  • A $50 cash bonus the second your newly registered referred friend makes a first deposit with a minimum value of $50
  • A weekly cash drop every Friday for an entire month once your referred friend deposits up to $500
  • $1,000 in bonus cash when your referred friend has deposited a minimum of $1,500 in total

There’s no limit to how many times you can refer a friend with this program and reap the same benefits so invite away and watch those bonuses keep rolling in for you!

The only thing left for you to do is keep on playing and enjoy the company of all the friends you’ve introduced to EmuCasino, not to mention all the bonuses you received thanks to them!

Benefits Enjoyed by Newly Referred VIPs

ec-content-visual-vip-club-refer-a-friend-welcome-giftNaturally, you will not be the only one who will benefit from our VIP Refer a Friend program when you take advantage of it; the friend that you referred will also receive the VIP treatment they deserve from their very first second here at EmuCasino.

Here is a list of the amazing perks that your referred friends will receive when they register an EmuCasino account through our VIP referral program:

  • An introduction to their exclusive VIP Club host who will give them the full guided tour and be available for contact via email or whichever one of their preferred instant messaging channels
  • An automatic upgrade to our Gold loyalty Level which comes with all the standard perks associated with it
  • An exclusive VIP Refer a Friend program welcome bonus which is a 200% match bonus up to $500 with a 25x wagering requirement
  • The ability to also claim the standard Welcome Deposit Bonus, thus giving themselves an additional welcome bonus

Once they’re ready, they’re free to play as much as they would like as they enjoy the VIP treatment that they so richly deserve!

The VIP Refer a Friend program is a win-win situation for everyone involved; you get amazing rewards for helping your friend discover a fantastic new online casino where they can play the best games and claim the best bonuses while your friend gets all the perks that come with being a VIP Club member from the very beginning.

In other words, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with your dedicated VIP Club host and refer a friend today!