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Play the Most Popular Online Pokies in New Zealand

We have over 2,000 online casino games here in the EmuCasino games library and that number is constantly growing.

Each and every last one of these titles comes from a game provider that is either a well-established and well-respected company or a relatively new one on the rise thanks to its innovative ideas. (You can learn more about these providers by checking out our game providers page.)

A large portion of these online casino games are pokies which works out for everyone especially our NZ online casino players because it turns out that slots are their favourite type of game.

It’s no surprise as online pokies are incredibly appealing in a significant number of ways and not just among NZ players.

Why NZ Online Casino Players Play Pokies

Looking at the average online slot, it’s not hard to see why online casino players much less NZ players love this particular type of online casino game.

They have among other things amazing graphics, catchy music and rewarding mechanics, and it says a lot that even pokies that emulate the oldest design of slot machines have their legions of fans.

Possibly the most appealing part of online pokies is how easy they are to play; with the simple push of a button, any NZ online casino player can place a bet and potentially score a big win without even knowing how the pokie works.

Of course, being aware of the basics such as paylines, ways to win and common symbols is always useful but it is not necessary in the grand scheme of things.

Discover the Types of Free Online Pokies

Throughout the years, online casino game providers have pushed every boundary imaginable in order to continuously reinvent the online slots reel over and over again.

To that end, they have incorporated the latest technological advancements along with their own creative mechanics into every new pokie they create, resulting in a mind-blowing variety of online slots.

Nevertheless, all of these online pokies can still be neatly placed into one of three categories:

  • Classic Fruit Machines: Emulating the slot machines that started it all, these ‘old skool’ pokies keep everything boiled down to the bare basics. A slight modern touch usually in terms of graphics is sometimes added but for the most part they are as simple as online slots can get.
  • Video Pokies: Video pokies are unquestionably the most prolific type of online pokie and consequently the one with the most variety in terms of everything from themes to mechanics. Immersive visuals, catchy music, engaging gameplay and more are available through these slots.
  • 3D Pokies: The online slots that push the limits when it comes to appearances are the 3D pokies and it definitely shows. While slots don’t need to look good to work well or gain fans, it certainly helps especially among NZ online casino players who want to be wowed by outstanding graphics.

Learn the Benefits of Playing Online Pokies for Free

The whole idea of playing online slots or even any kind of online casino game in general is to win big but that is not the only way they can be enjoyed.

It will probably surprise most online casino games there are actually benefits to playing pokies with free money and it has nothing to do with how familiar a person is with the world of slots.

In fact, one could even say that playing free pokies is strongly encouraged for online pokies players of all stripes.

Playing Free Slots as a Beginner

Anyone who’s decided to just start their online casino journey will more than likely be at least a little overwhelmed especially if they’ve decided to play pokies over any other online casino game.

The large number of online slots available on any average NZ online casino will surely seem daunting instead of appealing but there are fortunately solutions for that.

Firstly, EmuCasino has multiple filters and sorting options that NZ online casino players can use to make navigating through our expansive catalogue of pokies that much easier.

Our online slots are automatically arranged based on popularity but players can choose to have it sorted alphabetically instead. Meanwhile, our pokie filters allow them to narrow the selection down based on type, features and even online slot provider.

After beginner online slots players have settled on a pokie that they think they might like, they can commence trying it out in play-for-fun mode.

This demo mode allows anyone to play online slots for free by providing them with a large amount of fun money that can be automatically ‘refilled’ just by closing and reopening the slot.

Such an option is great for newbie pokie players as they can test as many online pokies as they want as many times as they want without having to worry about running out of funds.

Furthermore, online slots that have a buy bonus feature will give them the added freedom of seeing how the slots’ bonus rounds work and what is their win potential without spending a single cent.

Playing Free Slots as a Veteran

Some would think that experienced online slots players have no need for a function like the play-for-fun mode but that could not be farther from the truth. In truth, many seasoned pokie fans make good use of the demo play option and rather frequently.

One reason is that while they already know their way around online pokies and have their list of favourite slots, they are not averse to exploring new options. This means wading through the large number of online slots that get released on a regular basis here at EmuCasino.

Although they can easily narrow down the pokies that might interest them on their own, they usually prefer to play those slots for free first before they commit with real money.

Another very practical reason for playing free pokies is to test important aspects of them such as their volatility, mechanics and bonus rounds. Any online slots fan worth their salt should be aware that online slot providers are constantly innovating and reimagining every part of slots.

Because of this, there will almost always be a new slot mechanic or feature that even veteran pokie players have never encountered. These exciting elements are best tested when there is the ability to push them to the limit and that is where playing free pokies via demo play comes in.

It should be mentioned that this approach is applied by veteran slot players even to the pokies that are created by their preferred slot game provider and even more so when they are checking out an unfamiliar pokie provider.

EmuCasino routinely adds new names to its long list of impressive slot providers and many experienced NZ online slot players take advantage of play-for-fun mode to play these new pokies for free in order to help them decide if they like the company’s approach to slots.

Introducing EmuCasino’s Exclusive Slot Eddy Dundee


We at EmuCasino are committed to providing NZ online casino players with only pokies of the highest quality – so committed, in fact, that we created our very own exclusive online slot.

Featuring 5 reels and 25 paylines, this online pokie has as its main characters our iconic online casino mascot, Eddy the Emu, as the titular character and his best friend Dingo in the role of Eddy Dundee’s partner.

In addition to standard online slot elements like Wild symbols, Eddy Dundee has rewarding features that NZ online casino players will surely love.

This includes a three-tier in-game jackpot feature that comes coupled with respins, a gamble feature and last but not least a free spins bonus round.

Play Our Exclusive Slot for Free with No Deposit Free Spins

Our exclusive online slot isn’t just available to play for free through demo play mode; newly registered NZ online casino players starting their EmuCasino journey are entitled to a free bonus for it.

Once they complete the registration process, they will immediately receive our registration free spins bonus which is 12 no deposit free spins for Eddy Dundee.

Any winnings from these no deposit free spins bonus can be converted into real cash which means you can play our free pokie with a free bonus and get real cash for free. There really is no better way or reason to start playing free online pokies at EmuCasino.

Play the Top Free Pokies with Free Spins Bonuses

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In response to the evergreen popularity of free online pokies among our NZ online casino players, we have a variety of rewarding promotions and bonuses related to online slots.

These naturally include deposit free spins as well as no deposit free spins but other bonus types such as match deposit bonuses and bonus cash are also playable on our pokies.

Most of these can be obtained through our recurring promotions and event-based campaigns but we also occasionally give them out through bonus codes.

Our current online slots promotions are:

All our online pokies promotions can be found on our promotions page so check it out. Regardless of how you obtain our free spins bonuses, you can play them on our free spins games which coincidentally have free spins bonus rounds as part of their long list of rewarding slot features.

Win Big On Pokies Like These NZ Pokies Players

EmuCasino produces big winners on an almost daily basis which proves we are one of the best online casinos for NZ online casino players who want to win big.

To top it off, we loudly and proudly announce to everyone whenever any of our players has achieved a spectacularly significant big win. This is done through several ways such as our Beat the Winner campaign and our big winner news articles.

A large portion of our big winners are from New Zealand and we could not be more humbled by not only our popularity among NZ online casino players but also the fact that they got lucky with us.

Furthermore, one of the most recent of our big winners who calls New Zealand his home achieved one of the most noteworthy big wins in a single spin: a whopping $100,000 with just one $40 bet.

This big win was the culmination of an already impressive big win streak which we recorded in a big win news article for your reading pleasure.

You can find it along with all of our other similar articles in our big winner news article archive.